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About Us

Since the beginning, we have been at the top of remodeling services in the Inland Empire. We have slowly and steadily grown as a trusted provider for our clients. We have earned our reputation in the renovation and remodeling arena for our excellent work.

Today, we offer a wide range or remodeling services that cover your renovation needs.

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Our field of expertise includes all types of renovations and design services, post-disaster restoration and clean up, and many more other services.

We hold quality and customer convenience at heart. Along with its vast experience, our company brings in its personal touch by providing personalized attention to every project; conserving the integrity and the soul of every house and building.

We owe our success to the competency and skill of our professional team and the trust of our clients.

Our Team

Our teams of skilled personnel are always ready to serve you, whether you would like to re-design your dream kitchen, renovate a bathroom, complete the attic, design a new home extension, refurbish your office or get your home rebuilt after a flood or fire, you can count on us!

We have a unique concept -- from emergency work reconstruction, kitchens, bathrooms, attics, additions, rental home renovations – we are a one stop shop for design services.

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Our team has been carrying out superior quality kitchen remodeling projects. Our designers, installers, management team and everyone else who makes up the cohesive and reputed company team work together and make a constant joint effort to continue offering top-notch quality services.

Your house is for living and loving!

You deserve a place that you can come home to, breathe a deep sigh of exaltation and simply take in the relaxing atmosphere.

Our company specializes in helping you transform your home and bring out its beauty and elegance.

We work closely with you through every step of the transformation process. From design and planning to construction and cleanup, you can count on us.

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The Best Solution to Your Home Remodeling Needs

We are a one-call answer for a wide range of home maintenance and all the repair needs. We have a team of technicians who are insured professionals.

We arrive on time in a distinguishable attire and marked van with all the necessary tools to finish the right task.

Our technicians are highly skilled artists with proven experience in this trade. We are home remodeling specialists. We are best known for the excellent quality of our artistry and professional reliability. We do our job correctly and in an efficient manner.

Description of services

Our company is a design and build firm that specializes in remodeling kitchens, bathrooms, attics, deck building, window, floor and door replacements and other home renovations in and around the Inland Empire.

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Why should you work with us?

  • One easy phone call provides easy planning scheduling
  • We arrive on time
  • Job is done right the first time
  • Extensive variety of repair, maintenance and improvements services
  • Technicians fully insured for your safety and have ample of experience in this sector
  • We undertake thorough clean up when we are done with our job
  • Our quality craft is guaranteed

Our Philosophy

We take pride ourselves in bringing professionalism to a business that has long well-earned reputation.

We are also committed to developing long-term working relationships with our clients. Through our unmatched performances, we will exceed your expectations and gain your valuable trust when we deal with your project.

For us to be a top and excellent company, we have developed a system and process that we follow step by step to set proper expectations. In addition, we provide our customers with great experience and a great outcome.

Our Team

We employ the services of a team of experts that have many years of experience in remodeling. We provide unmatched craftsmanship and artistry when we take on your project.

The workers are clean, professional, and polite and follow all the instructions to the latter.

We enjoy what we do, and therefore we are passionate. Your happiness is our happiness and joy.

Primary areas we provide remodeling services in

We provide our excellent services in the area where we are based and its environs. We are always ready to serve anyone who reaches out.

Licensed and insured

Before undertaking any work in homes, a contractor must be registered as a Home Improvement Contractor. We are a registered company and follow all the rules set in place.

Our team of workers is all carefully picked for us to provide complete and the best jobs in the market.

Our process

For us to provide you with our superior home remodeling experience and be on top of the others, we have a system and process that we follow in order to have proper expectations. We also provide our clients with a great experience and a final result that is great.

1.    Project Discussion

No matter how you come to us, we will always have an initial conversation with you concerning the project. This can take 5-20 minutes.

At this stage, we collect as much information as possible in order to have a scope of your project. The project budget is discussed here. You have to be open and share your budget. This is the only way we will be able to know how we can help you.

In case your project is a popular one like a kitchen or bathroom remodel, we will give you samples of similar project.

2.    Are we your ideal company?

If we can agree on something, we will send a remodeling consultant to come and assess the situation.

If we are not able to agree on something, we will part our ways. However, we are always here for you. Things do change.

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At Rancho Cucamonga Remodeling Services, we offer an all-round house remodeling services. They include plumbing, electrical, flooring and everything else that you might require.

For many of us, our home represents among one of the most considerable economic investment we will ever make. In this light, it is a good feeling to boost that investment with customized renovating.

Remodeling your house can have an impressive effect on your life since your home is your refuge. We take pleasure in remaking your house into a little heaven.

We have grown organically through relationships and referrals; built on understanding your needs, budget, and priorities.

We always do more than expected, stay on schedule and keep in constant contact, so the relationship is always being strengthened. Our commitment is quality without compromise.

Our Clients are important

Providing exceptional service to our customers is paramount in our approach to bringing the highest standards of work performance and craftsmanship to our projects.

We are a full-service company specializing in renovations throughout Rancho Cucamonga and surroundings areas.

We are skilled in every aspect of residential and commercial alterations, so each facet of the project is in capable hands. One of our most important focuses throughout the building steps is to surpass client expectations. We do this by delivering the design intent on time and budget without sacrificing quality.

Our Commitment

Our company is commitment to unparalleled service and quality has made our name synonymous with incredible craft.

Our different and quality approach to project management allows us to offer the ultimate in customer service and satisfaction.

With an “open-book” financial policy and a carefully constructed budget, we work with the mutually agreed upon fee structure that allows you to maximize the value of your investment

Developing your environment to the next level

We take care of all your needs. From residential remodels, building your home or adding an extension to commercial offices, repair damages and everything in between. We are your partner.

Do not hesitate to ask us a question or inquire as to why an individual process has to take place.

Our Staff

All of our staff are friendly and knowledgeable because we know what it’s like to be in your shoes. We want you to find out just how important you and your project are to us. Therefore, we do our very best to ensure that you and your needs always come first.

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Whether it’s for getting your home remodeled or fixing the damage that’s been done to it.We are here to take care and assist you with any help we can give you at each step of the way. At our company, we mean it when we say that we're not happy until you're completely satisfied.

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