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Attic remodeling

The attic can be made an extension of your house. It should also be considered as a living space and not just a wastage and store area.

Many of the people whose attics have been remodeled have all come to the conclusion that it was a valuable investment.

Moreover, remodeling your attic can also be a source of more capital when you plan to resale your house. This is a smart return on your investment.

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In addition, you can create so many things from the remodel. Some include a play room, a master suite, work room, exercise room, entertainment area, home office and many more great ideas. A well designed and planned attic can accommodate any of the mentioned ideas.

Our team will work with you to come up with what you have been envisioning. After this, our professional crew will build that vision and bring it into life.

In what we do we are clean, efficient and professional in what we do in order for you, the client, to have the best experience.

In most cases, the attic is forgotten and neglected. However, it is a very important room when it comes to energy efficiency, indoor air quality and the roof integrity.

There are five important types of projects that keep attics in good condition and save money. They do this by preventing much more expensive repairs down the line.

We believe in a convenient, one-call solution where one simple call schedules an appointment and delivers a safe, worry-free experience completed by our professionals.

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Attic stairs and Door Construction

If you are sick and tired of having to drag a ladder to the access point every time you want to get into the attic, we encourage you to contact us without blinking!

We can help fix drop down attic stairs that will make it easy for you to get into your attic whenever you need.

Our professional team can also repair an old attic door or replace it entirely with a brand new one if you are looking to spice up the area.

Whatever you need, we can work on it!

Attic insulation

Attics are an important piece to your home. They are crucial in the use of energy. Therefore, you need to ensure that yours works perfectly and is in a good state.

By inspecting the level and quality of your attic’s insulation, we can keep your air conditioning and heating unit from having to work overtime.

Moreover, we can help you avoid any spikes in your energy bills during the hot and cold seasons. Once our skilled personnel arrives at your home, we can inspect your insulation. After that, we make recommendations or install new insulation entirely to keep you up to code.

Why is insulation necessary to your home?

  • Insulation can help you conserve money on your energy bills.
  • Insulation can make your home more cozy with a more uniform temperature.
  • Insulation can turn your walls, ceilings, and floors warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

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Prevention of mold

The roof and the attic are ‘partners'. If your attic has holes and cracks, then moisture from the outside will easily and quickly create mold, wood rot, and mildew.

Repair and preventative maintenance will help in the long term. It will save you a lot of capital that may be contracted if the problem becomes bigger.


Structural Integrity

Your house may have some issues which you may not know about. It is important that you inspect it or hire someone that has the know how to fully check it regularly.

If there are any signs of leaking, such as stains on your ceiling or water damage high on walls, we inspect attic areas for water damage and replace lumber quickly and professionally. It is important in preventing the need for costly roof repairs.

Our home improvement professionals can also install hurricane straps/ties/clips on all roof trusses that attached to the wall frame in order to prevent the lift from the roof in hazardous wind events.

Many of our customers as about what flooring will help to maintain the structural integrity of the attic. We shy away from tile because of it's weight.

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Attic Fan Installation and Vent Cleaning

Roof vents and attics that are clean are things that should never be taken for granted. They allow air to flow through the attic and similarly the attic fans help with the timely circulation.

This keeps your attic dry, the home air fresh, and your house cool in the hot summer heat.

Cleaning your roof vents can also protect your home from the risk of a spontaneous fire. It can regulate the temperature in your home, and can help stabilize your energy bills so you don’t pay more than necessary.

You can trust us

Do not just gamble with any person that deals with attics, work with someone you know you can rely on!

We transform your attic from a useless overlooked area to a usable and well-kept area. We will do it right the first time.

Our team has years of combined experience that features both the young and youthful members who will provide the sheer manpower required to complete your project.

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Remodeling Your Attic

Have you been considering remodeling your attic? If so, you probably have a lot of questions about the project. If you are looking for a way to add much needed space to your home, but have no room to expand outwards, converting your attic may be an avenue worth looking into.

Today, we will take a look at the pros and cons of remodeling an attic.

It is Feasible to Remodel Your Attic?

There are many factors that one must consider before jumping into an attic remodel. The most important is to make sure the area is structurally sound for the new plans. There is a major difference in the weight of a few boxes and some old suitcases, as compared to a new living area that will contain heavy furniture and other belongings.

Here is a list of some things that must be checked out before you start to plan an attic renovation:

  • Take a look at your rafters. If you have A-shaped rafters, you are probably in the clear. You will need the open space found under these types of rafters. If they are shaped like a W, it is going to be a very expensive and complicated project, if it’s doable at all. This usually eliminates the possibility of an attic renovation.
  • The rule of 7s. Although codes will vary, this is a generalized rule most contractors look at first. At least half of the finished area must be 7 foot or taller, a minimum of 7 feet wide, and a minimum of 70 square feet. Your contractor will analyze these things for you.
  • Stair space. This is another very important aspect of the remodel. Adding a new staircase will chew up a chunk of the space you have on the bottom floor. There are a few options, but each has its own downfalls. While a spiral staircase may take up less space, you must take into consideration how you will get large furniture items up to the new space.
  • What about windows? Will artificial lighting be adequate, or will you need windows for more visibility? Also, if you are planning to use the new space as a bedroom, most housing codes will require at least one window for access in case of a fire.
  • Heating and Cooling the area. Attics are hot when it’s hot and cold when it’s cold. You and your contractor will have to devise a way you will heat and cool the area. Can duct work be rerouted? Is your existing unit adequate to cover more space, or will it have to be upgraded? These are all details that will need to be investigated.


Ready to Remodel

Okay, you’ve had everything checked out, it all looks good…now what?

Drawing up your plans and blueprints will involve putting your ideas down on paper. Determine how much square footage your new addition will be. It is smart to do a comparison of neighboring homes. Overbuilding is not a wise move when it comes time to sell. You will also be mapping out details like where the doors, windows, closets, plugs and possible appliances will be located.

Getting your finances in order is something thatshould be done once you decide on your final plans, unless you have the funds saved up for the project. If you are planning on financing, it is likely you will be seeking a home equity loan or a construction loan. Make sure you do your homework, so that you get the best the deal for your situation.

Obtaining your permits will be the first major obstacle you must overcome before construction begins. Your remodeling contractor will work with you to get your plans together and submit all the required documents.  You will need to make sure you allow some time, as getting everything approved can be a lengthy process at times.

Determine a Timeline for how long your remodel should take. These types of projects can cause major disruptions in day-to-day activities. Sitting down with your family and discussing what to expect and any alternative plans that may need to be made is highly recommended. Contractors always aim to stay on schedule, but sometime things come up that are out of their control. Having a backup plan for times like this can alleviate a lot of stress.

Sweat equity is time that you that you and your family members can dedicate to the remodel. This can be a huge money saver for the skilled do-it-yourselfer. You must make sure you are qualified to do anything that you volunteer for, so that you don’t slow down progress. Don’t worry, this is not something that is required, just an added benefit.

Protecting your landscape is an important step to take into consideration. Heavy vehicles, dumpsters, and materials can all take a toll on your lawn and flowerbeds. Additional planning for this may be desirable.

Final inspections will be required once the project is complete. Not only will city inspectors come for a final look over, you should do one yourself. Make sure all work has been completed to your standards.

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