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Kitchen Remodeling

on a Budget

We meet so many people that will tell us they put aside the thought of having their dream kitchen because of financial reasons. Some people waited a decade before they did it and others even longer because they didn’t like the kitchen when they bought the home. Here, we will advise you on the major glitches that may happen to cost you more and how to avoid them.

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Have all the materials on-site:  Never ever, choose the material while the work is going on. Always have what you need as far as what is being put in on site prior to work being done. Here’s why. You could be stuck backordering what you wanted, and, paying the workers to come back when it arrives.

This will cost you more in those high labor costs. If the company does not have what you wanted, and, can’t get it, you may be stuck with purchasing the next best thing and paying more for it. Or, you may feel compelled to settle for something lessor and having it fall apart, just to be replaced and cost more later. The costs aren’t only where you are at with the work,  a bad deal can cost you later too.

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Update outdated cabinets instead: If you have them professionally painted it will update them especially if you use white. We suggest you have them professionally painted though. Brush strokes and uneven color will only serve to do the opposite.


Try new doors and fixtures:  if the paint doesn’t work because the shape or material is outdated then buying just new doors, hinges and handles could do the trick and save you lots of cash.


Be Strategic: Place the tile where you need it on the back splash but you don’t need to carry it all around to each wall. Make sure it’s just where you need it, preferably behind the stove and sink. The rest of the walls you cover with some awesome tiles that you can still be on budget for.

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Use Lighting: Make sure you are lighting up the place correctly in a way that will modernize and show off your space the right way. There are many choices in lighting fixtures.

You only need to remember to have the strongest lighting where you are cooking or doing anything that requires the most light. The small track lights or sunken lighting can also be used to create an ambiance but not break the remodel budget or raise the power bill.


Don’t change the plumbing: This is where the designer can help in big ways to save you big bucks. Leave the existing pipes and plumbing and design around what you already have. Moving pipes, adjusting and redirecting can cost thousands over the top of what the remodel is.


Use Remnants: Why buy new when you can go get remnants. It doesn’t matter if you have a large or small surface for countertops, it only matters that you have the time to visit a couple of granite supply yards. It is well worth the time and energy.

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Use the remnant waste: Your project will waste around five to fifteen percent of the materials. The extras that you need to do inside drawers and in other places can be where you use up that waste. You paid for the whole project. Sure, keep some tile incase one cracks but don’t be the person that keeps it in their garage. Or, the person that tries to sell it all on Ebay. Typically that doesn’t work out the way you would like it to and you end up giving it away.


Save on appliances: If you have ever heard of scratch and dent sales then you are in luck. Most times, the company can’t sell a unit at full price if it has so much as a scratch where you can’t see it. It happens so much that they have scratch and dent warehouses everywhere. Make friends with the concept and start bargain hunting, no one has to know.


Look rich with texture: You can create a richer look with just using pebbling board or stacked rock in certain areas. Typically people do this with islands and breakfast bars.

Remodeling can be a tricky affair if you have not planned out everything. The question that runs through everyone’s head before taking up practice is, “How much will this project cost?"

At our company, we try and explain with the best possible solution out there.  This question is just like asking, "How long is a piece of string?"

There are some things that will influence the cost of a project. This ranges from the basic construction issues to client selections for cabinets, appliances and everything else.

Fontana kitchen remodeling

With the ever changing kitchen models and designs in the market, the thought of remodeling your kitchen has crossed your mind. Other reasons to renovate your kitchen include an overhaul of non-working appliances and kitchen furniture and the introduction of other new appliances you did not have before in your kitchen. With these ideas in mind, you are mostly worried about the big budget they will cost you. With the following tips, you can remodel your kitchen without overstretching your budget or having to forgo some of the needed appliances;

Hire a professional

Most people opt for cheap labor with the intention to save on spending when it comes to remodeling in the home. This ends up being an expensive error in the long run due to the result being not durable. Go for a professional in the field who will do the work to perfection, and you will not need to make any changes soon. A professional is also able to advise on the best material to use, unlike amateurs who will quote low prices and go for low-quality materials.

Have a list of what is needed

Avoid impulse buying of appliances by making a list upfront before the renovation is started. With the many varieties of kitchen appliances and furnishings available in the market, you may be tempted to overstretch your budget. The list enables you to focus on what is needed and plan for the rest later on. You can also research on the price of renovation needed with basis on the extent you are willing to go.

Renovation versus replacement

Your kitchen cabinets might be outdated but still in good shape. Instead of replacing them which can be very expensive, you can consider giving them a new look. Go for bright color paint especially gloss white which does wonders for your cabinets. You can also replace part of utilities in the kitchen instead of replacing the whole thing. Renovation saves a lot compared to replacing the kitchen items.

Maintain existing utility layout

Moving appliances from their original location e.g. a dishwasher or a gas stove can cost you big bucks. This is because it will involve extra plumbing or electrification to be incurred. You can maintain the position of the old appliances and just spent on buying them or renovating them and save on other costs that come with changing positions.

Get creative

Another option of saving on your budget is splitting the work to be done between you and the professional. You can let them do the hefty part of the job, and you can do the decorative part which is easier. This will enable you to save on what you would have spent on the task you carried out.

Make use of remnant materials

There are instances that you may not need to buy a whole replacement of utility in kitchen remodeling. Any remnant material from previous renovations can come in handy and can save on the cost of materials.


The Basic Kitchen Remodel

This kitchen remodel is evidence that basic doesn't mean boring. The colors, sense of fun and attention to detail all contribute to a kitchen that is a joy to use.

A cheap kitchen remodel done by our professional designers and construction workers. The following are some of the ways that kitchen remodeling can be done on budget;

  1. The identical structure as your current kitchen. We keep the appliances and fixtures in the same locations and keeping the space intact. There's little need to redo plumbing and electrical work.
  2. Simple lighting. Light fixtures will illuminate the space efficiently and inexpensively (each recessed light will typically hold only a 60-watt bulb, whereas a decorative fixture can have 120, 180 or even more total watts).
  3. Basic devices. None built-in appliances, warming drawers, wine coolers, microwave drawers, etc.


  1. Ceramic tile backsplash and vinyl flooring. Whether it's the backsplash, flooring or other surfaces. Using basic and inexpensive materials will help you keep costs down.
  2. Refinished cabinetry. Keep your costs down by recycling the existing cabinets. Maybe some refined items are all that you need to get the function and style that you are looking for. Review your existing cabinets to determine their condition, size and whether it makes sense for them to be remodeled.
  3. Fashionable details. With touches such as glass at the cabinet doors, you can unite a lot of style at a minimal cost.

Call us today and let’s discuss your budget, we can make dreams come true.