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We are a company that works for the person that wants to save money yet get the best remodeling job they can get. We make certain that there is a home remodeling counselor ready and able to handle any job you need us to do. There are so many things to consider in a remodel that we want you to be happy so we have taken the time to make sure that you are thinking through what you need to so we can have open lines of communication and make certain you have as seamless an experience as possible.

We feel that we, as the professionals have some responsibility to let you in on what a remodel is all about. There are trade secrets and things we’ve encountered that we learn from and take note of. Some companies are only worried about the money but we are different in so many ways that we want to make this more than just a service page. Here we will let you know just what you should be considering when doing a remodel from a professional point of view.

Our Remodeling Services

  • Home Remodel: The total home remodel is one of our most cherished services we offer. We have the most stake in it and so does the homeowner.Kitchen remodeling Fontana It’s like magic to us, a rebirth if you will of the old to the new.
  • Bathroom Remodel: You can always make your home feel new again with a bathroom remodel. It’s one of the rooms that will always need to be done and when you are on budget. For example, who says you have to tile all the way up the wall? You can cut costs by painting the walls and only tiling where water is likely to hit. If there is a concern then tile from the floor to mid wall or 2 feet from the floor. This will make the walls stay dry and cleaning is not a hassle. Maybe you want a fancy back splash and sink? You can take from one and give to another.
  • Kitchen Remodel: A kitchen remodel is one of the most common remodels there are. This is typically done way before any other remodeling job is done. Why? Because there is a special connection that people have when they are in their kitchen. It seems that in our experience, even if they are not a cook, they may entertain or they may not but somehow, the kitchen seems to take on the mantle of the main focal point of a home for a lot of people. We get calls for kitchen remodels more often than not We really enjoy it too. We offer designers that really have a passion for designing the kitchen. We can typically design one to the specifications of the person in record time because we love to listen and dream with the customer.family room claremont

What to do before you Remodel

Here, we will speculate on what you need to do in the first place prior to remodeling anything at all. We don’t mean this to dictate your life or how you run your finances or home but, we want to instead shed some light on the things that can make a remodel a seamless event. We have decades of experience that has shown us when and how a pleasurable, exciting remodel can go wrong. Typically, it’s simple things that people miss. We have put together a little guide here to help matters.

  • Dream First, Budget Last: This may seem counterintuitive but, it’s a big help when you are getting ready for a remodelling. This doesn’t have to be a complete home remodel it can be a large or small project. We come to this conclusion simply due to our experience. We have seen people wishing they had done something that they thought would be impossible, either because they thought it would be expensive or because they thought out the construction possibilities and decided against it. deck builder Upland CAThis is why we are here. We are here to lend our professional services in the decision making starting with the dream phase. Let us know what your dreams are and our professional designers will do what they do best to help you make those dreams come true.
  • Decide the Remodel Purpose: This is the best in the mix. This decision, if it’s not made can break you. Why? We see examples of folks who spend out on a dream but then have to change it once they decide to sell the home. We know a lot about this because we are family owned and operated with home staging experts so we understand this little niche. You home should be sterile and cleans that are n lines when you stage it. People that are prospective buyers will look at it and try to envision themselves in it. This means that bright color or in fact, any color other than eggshell or white can hurt the sale. Any construction that is not something that will raise the interest and value of the home should not be done. The two things that will certainly raise value are pool and deck construction. When you are adding a room, let’s say for a child or an office. You may think that the prospective buyers see a kid’s room or an office. But all they may see is a room that is too small. You want to appeal to the masses and not just the family dynamic. You can always use a full-size room for an office and you get so much more space! You can always use a child’s room for a teenager’s room and then a guest room when they are gone and off to live their adult life. Whatever it’s used for it will be an extra full size room that raises the value of the home. We will be glad to go through where it should be and how it should be done to make sure your dream is met but your future doesn’t cost you more in a deconstruction project or one that you have to add to in order to make a sale or rent.bathroom remodeling Claremont, CA
  • Dream Decided, Budget Started: Once you decide the dream will be, you will then talk to a trained designer who can tell you if the dream remodel needs demolition and what the construction will be. Then we can scale down the dream, tweak it a bit or leave it as is according to your budget. At this time, a budget should be done. Once we see a budget in place we can then start the above process to get the dream to the best prices. There is always a way with us. We have connections that other companies in the area just do not. We can deal with using alternate materials as well as other methods without cutting corners on construction.