Replacement Kitchen counter tops

When the kitchen needs a remodel, the first thing that is looked at is the kitchen cabinets and counters.

This is the core of your kitchen. This is the area that is used more and that is seen first. If the kitchen cabinets and counter tops are not in good order or are out of style, then the whole kitchen is not very attractive.

It’s akin to having a lovely bedroom but the bed is unmade so the whole room looks bad.  Modern kitchens are laid out more open-plan now and they move fluidly into a dining area that is a “great room” that attaches the kitchen to the dining area.

This means the kitchen cabinets are seen more and they should be an attractive focal point.

The kitchen is always the nerve center of the whole house. We take pride in making and coming up with beautiful kitchen cabinets that are durable, exquisite and will last for a long time. Our kitchen designers and renovators find what suits you exactly.

The field of kitchen remodeling requires knowledgeable industrialists, meticulous perfectionists who have at heart a job well done. Complete kitchen cabinets remodeling is an investment.

This will give you value to your home by allowing you to enjoy your home by adding convenience, comfort, and design to it.

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Discover our variety of finishes

Whether your dream kitchen is contemporary, modern or classic, ask just ask one of our kitchen designers to get expert advice. This will help you on how to choose new kitchen cabinets and a design that reflects your lifestyle.

Our extensive range of kitchen cabinets for sale is intended for all tastes and all budgets!

The choice of your kitchen’s household appliances, colors, and layouts all come into play in the impression that this room will make. We all know those kitchen cabinets are the focal point of many kitchens. Therefore, a right choice will give your kitchen a unique and exciting feel.

Here are some of the examples of materials used to create kitchen cabinets;

Solid wood kitchen cabinets

Wood is a classic and timeless material.

Wood cabinets are what you need to give your kitchen the style and warmth you want. Wood is sustainable, resistant. They are also versatile in that they can be rustic, modern, classic or bold to your liking and imagination.

Wood veneer kitchen cabinets

Even though they are less expensive, wood veneer kitchen cabinets are very stylish and moisture-resistant than solid wood cabinets. They are composed of MDF panels covered with a thin layer of real wood.

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Exotic wood veneer kitchen cabinets

The exceptional shade and warm, textured appearance of exotic wood species are unique. At our company, we are pleased to offer our customers new exotic wood veneer kitchen cabinets in a variety of species, including African mahogany, bamboo, and many others.

MDF cabinets

MDF kitchen cabinets are extremely durable and resistant. They are also an alternative for green solution. This is because MDF panels are made up of scrap wood pieces that are derived from wood processing.

We are not only limited to these options. There are other materials other than wood used for renovating kitchens. Our custom kitchen cabinets can also be composed of:

  • Polymer
  • Acrylic
  • Lacquer
  • European laminate
  • 5-piece polyester
  • Melamine

All these materials come with their advantages and will help you to achieve an outstanding design. Consult our team to find out which kitchen cabinets you need!

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There are several options for you to choose from in the way of remodeling your kitchen cabinets.  Some people started out with pressboard or Formica or some type of cheaper material that just looks good but isn’t the highest quality.

Some people have hard wood cabinets like oak or cherry wood. This means they are built to last forever. In this case, you may want to call us for a refurbishment of the old cabinets.

This means we can take them off and refinish then and repair any damage from wear and tear. We can replace old hardware and even update older kitchen cabinets with new hardware like hinges and handles.

For those that started with a little cheaper material, it is always advisable to replace it with newer, sturdier material that is available now. There is a lot to choose from.

You can look in our online catalog and then search for the plans or examples you would like to see. One thing we can tell you is that you are better to steer clear of trends as this is going to be a permanent part of your kitchen.

We offer the widest variety of choices in style, method and material in the county. We have been remodeling homes for decades and we are always on the cutting edge of the latest styles and materials out there. We only work with the best and most durable material and findings available.

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Don't forget - if you are adding an island to your new updated kitchen, we can provide cabinet space inside of your new island.

Call us for an appointment soon so we can see the kitchen and provide a free estimate. We will also provide a free style check and suggest what we could do to make your kitchen remodeling as seamless as possible.

We do promise that we will use, in tandem with you, all the latest technological programs to make your new kitchen come to life in 3D. We want you to see the finished result as realistically as at all possible prior to work beginning.

There’s nothing more exciting than being involved first-hand in the process of creating and manifesting what you desire. We have designers that have such a passion for creating something from nothing.

We only hire the best talent and we are proud to say we have designed some of the most sensational kitchen remodels in the county. You are welcome to browse some of the designs we have created in real-time.

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Aesthetic kitchen cabinet designs

The kitchen being one of the rooms with the most appliances and utensils can be quite congested. With appliances such as a cooker, fridge or a dishwasher taking up most of the space, storage space is minimized for most of other equipment. Installation of kitchen cabinets can enable you to store most your utensils without taking much of your kitchen space. There are different designs available for your installation. They include the following;

Raised cabinets

These cabinets are installed in a way that they are slightly elevated from the floor. This design enables you to easily clean your floor as you can easily reach all corners under the cabinets. You also have an advantage of extra light into your kitchen with this design.

Cabinets with glass fronts

This design can do better when planning to install high placed cabinets mostly mounted on the walls of your kitchen. With this design, you can display your dinnerware collection thus enlightening your kitchen appearance. You are also able to locate any of your crockery or cutlery with ease without going through the trouble of opening every cabinet drawer.

Cabinets with sliding doors

Instead of swinging out cabinet doors, you can opt for cabinets with sliding doors. This will save on space in your kitchen enabling you to move freely. They also come in different materials including wood or glass as you may prefer.

Stainless steel cabinets

They are cabinets made of stainless steel material. These cabinets are fabricated from the factory and installed to fit your kitchen area. They are easily cleaned as they can easily be sterilized. They also last longer due to their inability to rust.

Mahogany cabinets

Mahogany being an all-time preferred hardwood can be used to make natural and rustic themed cabinets. You can still maintain a modern look with this theme and improve on the aesthetic of the kitchen.


Kitchen cabinets not only add to the beauty of the kitchen but also act as the storage for foodstuffs and other kitchen items. Therefore, they need to be strong and have lockable door. Only let a professional fix them to get the best value.