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Home Remodeling

Doing a home remodel is no easy task. It takes a lot of planning, expense and permitting. There are many happy associations with remodeling too. You can really take an old home and create your dream home in so many ways. A home remodeling is a very vague term with many implications.  There are small remodels such as maybe a kitchen that you are only refinishing cabinetry or replacing certain facets. Then, you have more expansive remodeling where you are gutting out the place and doing demolition.


Once you make the decision to do a home remodelling or if you are not certain and need a professional and complimentary consultation, call us and we can help. You see, we are a family owned and operated company. We hire employees and not contractors. We take your home remodelling project very seriously and want only vetted and devoted people handling your home remodelling project.

We take care of our employees and pay for their specializations. We have every angle covered from demolition experts to home design specialists that can and will help your project along by working closely with our own plumbers, electricians and other technical specialities that are held solely accountable for the job they do. We deliver ethics and professionalism to you. We arrive early, and uniformed with trucks that have only our logo on it. Why is this important and why did we decide to run our company this way? Because the majority of the issues come when the company and the homeowner have too many people to answer to and this can get sticky. Home remodeling takes a full team of workers that should have the same work ethics and are run under the same management and policies. This way, when there is a glitch, you have one company, one management and one set of policies to answer to.

We want to earn your business so call us for the next home remodel you do. Next, we will provide some worthy advice from our team of professionals so you are not left out.

  • Make your space efficient first then decide if a total remodel is what you need. So what does that look like? That could mean putting more storage upward and inward. Make more space in cabinets and built in Lazy Susans. In other words, find ways to make the spaces you already have more efficient without having to do an addition yet.
  • Use LIght Tubes for natural light: We could install light tubes. These are tubes that actually funnel in light from the roof and cost no more than $1500 for the job. If you can’t go broke with a total demolition job on a wall in the house, then accomplish the same thing with light tubes.
  • Use Habitat for Humanity or another lightly used fixture seller: Doing a home remodel is not an easy task and it could be made much cheaper if you hunt down the fixtures in places that you would not have thought of before. Having said that, you can kill two birds with one stone and ask them to come and remove the old fixtures from your home. This is great for you for two reasons: one, you don’t have to worry about where to dump your old stuff and you are donating to a wonderful cause. It is tax deductible as well.
  • Think of long-term costs and not just short term benefit: Find out what you can do to make costs less. If you can order pre primed material according to what we may advise you can save a few bucks that will add up along the way.
  • Odds and ends stock: Often times we have odds and ends stock to help with your home remodel that may actually save you more down the line.
  • Use recess lighting strategically: Recess lighting is popular for the look and the affects it gives you. But, they are not an inexpensive way to go. Really take time to plan where you think you should have them and use them strategically to save a lot of money in the long run.
  • Use an architect that works with people: Depending on the scope of your project, you’ll need a fully charged architect to draft out some solutions that they can discuss with you. This can run you less than a grand with an architect that has a limited packages for you to choose from for their services.
  • Consider Demolition: Demolition is nothing to take lightly but it’s not as scary as you may think if you think it out thoroughly. Demolition means raising the house to the ground and starting again. This is a way to get your dream home without having to start all over again but be mindful that it take a lot of planning and a lot of permits.
  • Find out if you need a foundation: A foundation is something that is not always necessary when you do a remodel that ends up being an addition. Sometimes poles and other materials can support the small addition.
  • Find out if you can leave the toilet and the sink: Plumbing is what can make things a bit more expensive. So, that means an adjustment in plans will offer a big adjustment in price.
  • Keep it simply stock: When you plan, try to plan with stock sizes for your fixtures. This saves a whole lot of money and leaves you more to put towards making and shaping the space you want in the renovation. Fixtures can always be changed out later.