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Kitchen Remodeling Costs

A kitchen remodel is much like any other remodeling job in the house. It’s does have a few considerations that are different than other rooms but we can handle the work. All you have to do is call and we will help you to live the dream of having the kitchen you’ve always wanted. We take into consideration who you are and what you love to do in that kitchen.

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Are you a gourmet, someone who likes to entertain or simply someone who doesn’t step foot in the kitchen but likes to have it look as fabulous as the rest of the place? Whoever you are we can help. Whether this is your first kitchen remodel or not, we can tell you what you need to know about what goes into the kitchen remodeling costs. Help is always necessary so don’t fret, we have your back.


We’ve been serving the county and doing whole home remodels for people here for decades. We can promise you a professional team that is always on the cutting edge of the remodeling world. We are family owned and operated and we ensure that the staff are attending home shows all over the area and not just for business but for knowledge.

There are so many new things coming out now that are cutting edge technology in what a kitchen should look like. We can go ultra modern or home grown, we don’t care. All we know is we deliver the same kind of quality with whatever style you choose.

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Tips for Remodeling Budgeting

Finding the right company: Face it we’re popular for a reason. And unfortunately for some of our clients we were the company they called after. According to attorney’s in general across the county, kitchen remodel issues are number one on the list of consumer complaints in that genre. So, why not call the ones with the best reputation first, that’s us.

Sure, we know you  are on a budget and so you should be but, it costs more for fixing it than it does for doing it right the first time. One of the trade secrets we will tell you is this: a contractor is always, only as good as the last job they did. Imagine, with the spotless reputation we have, if we changed to subcontractors or labor workers? We could be out on our ears.

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Plan with the Designer: The designer will be able to come into the home and almost immediately ascertain what pitfalls you may encounter. You need to have a few things together for them first. Before they can calculate anything they have to know what is being dealt with.

A drawing of the existing kitchen is always needed. They need to know where windows and doors and such are. Then, let them know what is in your dreams about the kitchen and things like what your cooking style is.

Cut the Costs, Not the Corners

Your kitchen is not just an ornamental room. It’s functional and you don’t want to cut corners with it all. If you do, you’ll be spending more to fix it than to remodel it so be very careful. Our experts will assist you in figuring out what style suites you best.

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There are things you can be doing in the meantime that no one else can do for you. Look through all your cupboards and drawers and take stock in where you have been storing things. Then, with your family or yourself, revisit what you thought of doing before.

Each time you open that junk drawer that everyone has in the kitchen, you say to yourself: “ I really wish I had a {Blank} to put that stuff in.”  Well, now is the time to fill in that blank with the designer.


Only custom what you need to:

If you aren’t planning to stay in your home for life, you may want to consider that custom designing every last nook in the kitchen is going to cost you a bundle. When you sell, it may or may not bring the price up and you don’t want to lose money in the interim.

At our company, we believe firmly that a great result depends on good design than it does on prices of items individually. Yes. You would love particular types of quartz counters. However, it would cost a lot of capital. So if you chose let’s say a pre-fab granite (which is elegant too), and cost half the price, it would be cost effective to your pocket.

Working with a small budget? In case you are willing to do it yourself, we will help you find inspired options to change your kitchen entirely.

A standard project comprises of:

  • Different countertops
  • Pre-assembled cabinets, paint/stain existing cabinets, or replace cabinet facings while keeping the same layout
  • New cabinet hardware
  • New light fixtures
  • Paint
  • Labor

Full remodel


Maintain the same layout and do some of the easier work yourself to stretch your budget. Our expert artists and installers can assist with planning and work you would rather leave to a pro.

A basic project includes:

  • Replace cabinets or cabinet facings while keeping the same layout
  • Improved countertops
  • New sink and faucet
  • New light fixtures
  • Paint
  • Labor

Full Remodel with Upgrade


With a complete remodeling budget and the know-how of our kitchen services team, you can build a kitchen to your exact specifications with features and options you want.

A normal project includes:

  • Layout changes such as additional cabinets or moving walls
  • New semi-custom, upgraded cabinets
  • Glass cabinet doors
  • Upgraded molding
  • Add or upgrade kitchen island
  • Updated countertops
  • Backsplash
  • Upgraded appliances
  • Flooring
  • New sink & faucet
  • New lights fixtures
  • Paint
  • Labor

Where will your money go?

  • Appliances
  • Lighting
  • Cabinetry and hardware
  • Countertops
  • Facets
  • Backsplash
  • Flooring
  • Labour and remodeling

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Value your kitchen

The kitchen acts as the heart of your home. It is the nerve center for all meal making activities.

It is no shock that kitchen remodels are so popular and have the largest payoff regarding improving a home's resale value. Kitchen remodels are also the most complicated and can be the most expensive.

A typical project cost varies depending on the size of your kitchen, the value of materials, and whether you change the layout of the room.

On average, owners can estimate that a kitchen remodels costs $20,556. A smaller project between $10,000 and $15,000 may include painting walls, refacing cabinets, upgrading the sink, and remodeling a tile backsplash.

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A $30,000+ remodeling may include remodeling custom cabinets, hardwood floors, granite counters, and high-end appliances. Most homeowners spend between $12,759 and $31,733.

Kitchen remodeling cost considerations

When planning to have a kitchen renovation, one of the main factors to consider is the cost. You need to anticipate the approximate amount of money you will spend in the remodeling for you to ascertain the extent to which you can renovate. Prices may vary depending on many factors including the locality of your home and also fluctuate due to price changes in the market. The following factors can give an indication of the costs to be anticipated in the remodeling;


This is the total amount of money you are to spend on the renovation. It will guide you to what extent the remodeling can go. You can contact a kitchen remodeling company to give you the various packages that can work within your given budget. Having a budget is the most effective way that can avoid overspending as you work with what you have.

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Kitchen appliances needed

There are a vast number of kitchen appliances that can be invested in. They range from; refrigerators, quality stoves, dishwashers among others. Investing in this kind of appliances can drive up your spending. You can either opt for built-in appliances or store bought appliances whichever works for you. When you have ascertained all the appliances, you will need for your kitchen remodeling, find out their prices in the market or how much the remodeling company will charge you for the same.

Professional services costs

For you to attain the best results in kitchen remodeling, you may need the services of an expert in the field. Depending on the extent of the renovation the charges may be different. Consulting a professional on how much they will charge will give you a rough idea on what costs to anticipate. You can also compare costs of different companies and the package offered for you to get the best value for your money.

Consider your neighborhood

You may have a plan to resell the house later on and remodeling its kitchen can raise its value. You should not spend too much as it may raise its value far much ahead than those in the neighborhood making it difficult to recover the costs incurred. Research on the overall value of the houses in the vicinity to give you the estimate of what your house should cost in remodeling. With the uniform selling price of the houses in different areas, you will be able to recover from your investment.

Miscellaneous expenses

Remodeling is not an exact cost due to hidden charges that might crop up during the process. You might be forced to overspend on your budget due to renovations that must be done but had not been budgeted for. An example is a broken pipe that you were not aware of or a worn-out appliance that will need total replacement. You better be ready for any surprises not to get the process interrupted.

With the above factors to consider you can plan for your kitchen remodeling and come up with the all-inclusive budget.

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Call us today so we can enlighten you about how to get your dream kitchen remodel the smart way.