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To demolish or not to demolish, that is the question. Most people DIY a demolition, only to have to repair or replace things that were damaged in the process. Why do people DIY a demolition? They think it’s fun. Yep, that’s right, they demolish because it feels great to get the aggression out. But, most times folks, well, they get a little carried away. They feel the power of a sledge hammer and maybe have a few beers with buddies and off ya go into a wall or maybe the kitchen cabinets. Then, it happens. You hit an outlet, which is by the way, dangerous, or the pipes or some major part that will cost oh so much to fix.


So, we’ll make you a deal. We may allow you to have a swing or two in a controlled atmosphere but we would be honored if you would let us do the job we are trained for and demolish your room or even your entire home. That brings us to the next section:

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To Demolish the Home or Renovate?

This is a personal decision but we can give you some hints as to what you may want to do that will be best for you.

First, the cost differential between a demolition of your home and a renovation is substantial. For a demolition, you would have to consider more than a few things. Then, you would have to obtain permits for stuff as well. If the building has historical significance then you have a whole host of other issues. There are also green issues to tackle.

We can help you with this information. We have the experience and the connections to find what you need to know. There will be demolition, grading and building of new structure. This means a lot of prep and paperwork. You will also need the correct disposal. Do you live in an HOA property? This needs to go through those rules as well.

Renovations are typically better to start with unless you have bought a property that needs to be raised for reasons of age and dilapidation. This is where it will cost less than what a renovation would, simply because at that point, a renovation would be a bandaid on a wound that just gets worse and more expensive.

Whatever you choose you can count on us to come through for you. We have trained demolition experts with us and not just any ordinary contractor with a sledge hammer.

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Our Process

Once we speak to you we will come to the property that you have slated for demolition. There are several walk arounds and walk throughs we need to do first. We will have you with us and explain what we need to do  right there and then. We will obtain the permits we need with your cooperation and make certain everything is clear and ready to go. We will supply the dumpsters within the cost of the demo.

With us you can always expect the best service and the best trained specialists. We do not cross train. There are only specialists in certain areas and that is what we send.