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The city of Fontana is in San Bernardino County, California. It has a population of around 204,000 (as at 2014) with the majority being females at 52%. This makes the city the populous city in San Bernardino County. The town was founded in 1913 and remained a rural area until after the World War II when one businessman and entrepreneur Henry J. Kaiser established a steel mill in the area. Henry subsequently established a medical facility to cater for the health of the plant worker.  In the early 1950s and 60s, Fontana city became home to people of different races including; African Americans, America Indians, Hispanic and Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islanders.


The city of Fontana has developed to become one of the leading economies in San Bernardino County. Most households get an average of $64, 297 as their gross income. It is worth noting that the estimated household income in California State is $64,500. The city runs on an estimated per capita income of $18,922 (as at 2015). The economy in Fontana city is particularly driven by the numerous truck-based industries which have been established in the city for over 50 years. The city is also a distribution center for many huge companies such as Target Corporation, Southern California Edison, Sears, Mercedes-Benz, Home Shopping Network, Toyota and Avery Dennison. Countless manufacturers have constructed various go downs and stock yards in the city.  This has availed job opportunities to the city dwellers. In fact, over 75% of the city’s population works in the local industries and institutions. Giving an impression that the cycle of money distribution is effective within the city. Statistics obtained in 2010 indicated that Kaiser Permanente medical facility was the top employer, having at least 5,300 workers.

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Shopping centers have formed all over the city since its formation. The other popular one is Palm Court in the southern section of the city.

Some of the banks with branches in Fontana city are U.S. Bank National Association, Bank of America and Kaiser Federal Bank. These banks certainly aid individuals and companies in solving their financial woes.


It is noble to have a perfect education system for the children of any locality. Fontana city has a variety of educational facilities ranging from elementary schools to universities. The following are some of the top educational facilities in Fontana city;

Elementary and middle schools; Wayne Ruble Middle(with over1,230 students), Heritage Intermediate(with over1,174students)  as public schools and Water Of Life Christian School (with over400 students), Resurrection Academy (with over220 students) as private schools.

Public high schools: Fontana High (with over2,641students), Fontana A. B. Miller High (with over2,000 student).

Universities; Universal Technical Institute of California Inc. and the prestigious University of California


Most of the locals profess the protestant faith. The Catholic Church has the majority of the followers. However, over 1.2 million people in Fontana City are believed to have no affiliation with any faith or church

Attraction sites

Fontana city has splendid attraction locations established across the city. They attract both local tourists, people from other States in and the entire Globe. People are always grateful to have visited the following topmost locations in Fontana City; the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, The Stecoah Valley Center and Mary Vagle Nature Center. The give fine and a serene environment worth making a person remember the city of Fontana.