Rancho cucamonga attic remodeling

There is nothing like having an addition on the house. It raises property value and you have so many choices as to what to use the addition for. There is a difference between home extensions and additions. Sometimes the question is, whether to build up or out. This is entirely up to you and what your needs and wants are. Are you building on to expand the house so you can rent a room or part of the house? Are you expecting an addition to your family and need to house to be larger? Some people choose this route when they want to stay in the house they bought and not get another one.

The difference between a renovation and an extension is this. A renovation is when you make changes to an existing structure. This could be a new kitchen or the complete gutting of a bedroom etc. But an extension won’t touch the existing structure. An extension could be another bedroom or a conservatory or outer patio extension. An extension is simply just making a functional space out of an add on. Most people make it a bedroom or in more extreme cases, they add on a floor and make it a two or three floor or dwelling.

The most important thing you need to remember is to ask yourself what the purpose of the extension or renovation is. Once you determine your needs you can move forward. This is not a decision to take lightly so call us and we will guide you through your decision. We can help you to make an educated decision and then talk about the legalities and permits that you would need.

Roof Raises

So, why would one want to raise a roof? There is a very good reason for that as well as an inexpensive alternative to an addition. You can squeeze a few more cubic feet out of raising a roof. This is done most commonly in commercial buildings.