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Renovating Like a Boss

Renovations are scary to some, but, in our professional experience, we can tell you how to have as seamless an experience as possible when renovating, at least with us. We have been serving the area and the outer-lying areas for decades. As a family owned and operated company as well as a family of hired employees and not stray contractors, we can get to know our clients more intimately than those companies that may be larger with more contractors. We believe in staying in control of our projects. The only way we could deliver the type of world-class service that we do is to have employees that we invest in. This way, we know who they are because we’ve hired them. We know what they know because we’ve paid for the education and we know they’ll treat our clients like they count. That’s the difference between us and a corporate giant.


What does all this have to do with you renovating like a boss? Here’s why. Because since we can be more open and know our clients more intimately, we are able to give the best sage advice to our clients and potential clients. In fact, home renovation and remodelling is the niche that we are best at. Why? Because it’s the most serious undertaking you will ever do in your home that is of a voluntary nature.


Tips on how to have as seamless an experience as possible.

  • Plan Ahead: OK, we know what you’re thinking: this is common sense. But, alas, this is, in our experience what people do the least. Why? For good reason, people are living their lives and are typically busy working so as to save the funds for the job. But, what is an even better way to do it is to plan what you want some time before you start. This means getting down the details of what you want and then pruning away. Here is an effective way to do it: first get with yourself and any other deciding party. Grab a fresh notebook one for them and one for you. Start really scribbling your dream renovations. Make sure you don’t leave out a thing and most importantly, make sure you don’t think about price. The next step is to compare notes with any other deciding partner. Then, start to whittle down what you want prioritizing importance to you. You’ll soon find out what you really want out of this. Then, you may find it much easier to save the money you need to accomplish it.Rancho cucamonga remodeling contractor
  • Interview your contractor: Of course, once you’ve spoken to us we’re sure you’ll be sold. But, for the sake of advice, make sure you look for several things: first, check out how long they’ve been in business and check the better business bureau to see if there have been any complaints against them. Furthermore, find out if they are properly licensed to do remodels, renovations and demolition. What kind of employees do they have? Are they contractors or are they employees? As you well know from us, there is a big difference in that.
  • Keep resale in mind: Even if you are convinced that you’ll never sell, one does not know what the future may bring and it doesn’t have to be negative. Change is sometimes sudden but can be in the form of an opportunity as well. Everyone tends to think of life changes that force you to sell a home as being a death or divorce. But, what about extending the family or accepting a job opportunity? The fact is, that whatever you do to your home should be done to raise the property value and not decline it. Additions are a great way and the most popular way to raise home value. In fact, one of the most popular yet most inexpensive is adding on a patio or custom deck to the home. Be sure to see our page on custom decking and what that does for a home and the benefit to the homeowner. The property should even be kept in mind to pass down from one generation to another so the last thing you want to do is to take anything away from the size of the structure. rancho cucamonga remodeling services logo
  • Think in practical terms: And last but certainly not least, think in practical terms. Aesthetics are great but, what sells a home and what keeps homeowners happy is practicality. No sense in having some large object that looks great like a room space but no way to really use it for anything a homeowner would use it for.

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