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Insulation for Attics and Garages


Insulation is a very important part of the home. It’s used to keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It also give you the sound insulation you need. Remember that heat rises and in order to keep the heat in the home insulation is key. And if you don’t think a properly heated attic can save you more than pennies, think again. It can actually cut fifty percent off your heating cost. Typically, you’ll have us come out and do an inspection. We will look in the attic to see if you have enough insulation and gauge the space you have between the insulation and ceiling and take it from there.

We will determine the content of the floor and if it has to be pulled up to insert more insulation. Then we determine which insulation we use, mineral wool, fiberglass or cellulose.

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Garage Insulation

One of the unique things insulation for a garage does, is seal noxious fumes from the home. Each time you start your car and run it even a few minutes, the fumes seep through the walls and cause serious health issues. Fumes from paint thinners and paint products as well as noise from tools and even the washer and dryer are sealed out.

The garage is one of the most important places to insulate due to its utilitarian nature. It’s a project not to be taken lightly.  Why? Because the insulation, in this part of the home is a matter of safety.


Our Process

First, give us a call and we will ask a few questions so we know where we are at initially. It helps if you know how old the home is and if it’s been insulated before. If you know the type of insulation, even better but not necessary. Rancho Cucamonga Remodeling ServicesThe age of the home would help us to immediately understand what type of undertaking we are looking at. Some much older homes were never insulated in these two areas of the attic and the garage. Insulation was like a luxury and many went without it. It was done only in the main living part of the home. In newer homes, depending on the builder, the insulation could have been blown in or laid in. This will determine how we handle the project in your home. Every home is different and there are many factors to consider.

Once we complete the initial phone call we will then come out to the home for a free assessment. Then, the last step prior to the work being done is to have an initial conversation about what it will take to lay the insulation in.


Call  today and save big on your heating and cooling bill this year. The quicker you insulate the more money in your pocket for the things you enjoy and it won’t be leaking quite literally out of your wallet. We know that energy bills can be affected by improper insulation; call now.