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Kitchen back splashes don’t get a lot of notice. In fact, they are very functionally valuable and needed. Without the kitchen back splash, you’ll get food and water stuck behind walls and appliances as well as stuck on the wall. This means cleaning the wall every time you cook.

These can be made from the same material as the counter top. Today, they generally come in one piece with the counter top. If you are only needing the back splash, we may suggest remodeling the whole of the kitchen worktop. There are attractive molds of counter top and back splash together to fit any budget.

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A kitchen backsplash is a vital personality piece. It might be refined or funky, loud or neutral. What’s your style?

The tiles that you decide to use up the wall between the countertop and cabinets and above the range should display the color pattern as well as the theme of your kitchen. This can either be contemporary or traditional.

In the long run, that backsplash is a focal point. And it's an opportunity to be creative.

We are experienced in all kitchen remodeling, and we will come up with a kitchen backsplash of your choice with just that one phone call.

There are so many options to pick from when remodeling your kitchen backsplash. To make the method easier for our clients, our designers will sit down with you and help you to come up with the ideal pick that will suit you and your kitchen in general. They provide some guidelines for choosing tile backsplash.

Before making your selection, consider these tips;

Match colors, mix materials.

Having a rough time deciding on which tile to pick? We will give you a few choice so that you can live with them for a while. Tape color and tile samples to the walls to see what they look like throughout the day as natural light changes. After this, it will be easier to select one primary color and a couple of accent colors to use throughout the kitchen, including the backsplash.

Countertops will most of the time affect the choice of the backsplash color and style. Besides, you have to consider fixtures like your lighting and hardware.


Spend in the high-impact zone.

There is the square footage of wall space above the range and sink so that you can play with tile design. This area needs a lot of visual attention. You can contemplate a neutral field tile for the rest of the kitchen, then bring in a funky glass tile to create a showy centerpiece above the stove.

Play with different patterns.

Some selections include remodeling tile on the diagonal or applying a large brick pattern with slim subway tiles. They are available in numerous sizes such as 1-by-2 inches or elongated 4-by-12 inches. In many instances, we will use different tiles in this space.

We can also be able to take the same tile and turn it differently or create a border with a contrast tile.

Spice things up

In remodeling, never be afraid to try out new things. Therefore, if you pick a bold color or trendy tile pattern for this zone, you can always change it down the road without tearing out your entire kitchen backsplash. Are you looking for a bold idea?

According to a 2011 trend report that was released by the National Kitchen & Bath Association, back-painted glass in strong carrot orange is fresh but refined and works well in a contemporary kitchen.

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Know your budget well.

When on a budget, it is advisable to stay away from the trendy tile. Be budget savvy and revisit classic white ceramic that can cost less than a dollar per square foot. It is essential to be flexible when working on a budget. The costs of remodeling a kitchen are hard to keep in control.

Your budget might not allow you to get the exact tile size, color or texture but this should not pull you down. There are very many cheap options that are available, and with a proper designer from our team, a lot can be achieved Are you willing to compromise? Choose based on priority.

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If you need to shield lots of areas, like an entire wall, you can add interest without exhausting your bank account by opting for solid metal panels. Stainless steel sheets come in many finishes.

Avoid the common mistakes that are made.

In case you are planning to order tiles for your own use from the supplier, it is important to inquire about a few aspects.

  • Primary (field) tile should be thicker than decorative tile. Or else you will use a lot of capital building up the wall that the majority of your tile lies even with those few decorative pieces.
  • Remember trim pieces. If you choose a beveled tile, you will need a corner round trim piece. Ask which trim and decorative moldings come with the tile. These pieces should all coordinate in glaze and thickness, and if you order them in separate batches, there could be differences.
  • Ask if the tile you want is in stock. The economy keeps growing day by day; companies are coming up with new concepts and products at a rapid speed.

Ask about wear and tear.

How easily can you clean the tile, and what is the best way to seal it? Ceramic tile doesn't need this extra step. However, a natural tile does if you want to maintain its appearance.

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In general, it is very much possible to apply any tile to a backsplash as long as porous materials like bamboo and cork are sealed. Some building codes require clearance between the wall and the range to protect the wall.

We provide eco-friendly options

We value the environment, and as such we are constantly encouraging the use of materials that do not damage the environment. A good example is the cock mosaic tiles, they are appropriate for walls or floors, and tiles made of 100-percent bamboo are sealed to create a backsplash that's warm yet contemporary.

Recycled glass tile is sturdy, stain resistant and comes in a range of unique colors that result from melting and repurposing recycled glass. These tiles come in all sizes, from thumb-print sized mosaics to larger squares

Give us a call and let us know what your needs are for remodeling. We can come to the home and have a look. It’s free you don’t have to pay for a consultation. We will have to do that anyway to take the measurements of the back splash area. If you are changing out the back splash, we can offer you ideas on what would go best with your existing counter tops.

It is best for you to still visit the showroom  or make an appointment to see a digital rendering of what it may look like. Color schemes are best to look at next to what you have to ensure a perfect fit.

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Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Whether your idea of a kitchen is rustic or modern, installing backsplashes that are complimenting the whole kitchen theme has always been the norm. However, kitchen backsplashes come in numerous designs and material. Below are the various ideas you can use to revolutionize your kitchen.

Trendy kitchen backsplash ideas

The bricks backsplash

Bricks finishes inside a house are known to be for the daring. However, they give the ''all time rustic'' finish, especially when done by a professional. Some of the best ideas are to have them either in a vertical or diagonal pattern. Contrasting the red brick with a white grout will add more beauty.

The marble backsplash

This will perfectly compliment the marble or granite countertop of the same theme. The modern feel of a sleek and high-end kitchen will do well with a white farm style sink and faucets. The warm, yet cool ambiance of a soft kitchen will be irresistible at any moment.

The glass backsplash

Not just any glass but the high-end ocean glass. These tiles are crafted for the beach homes to complete the feeling but are not limited for any other lover of coolness and class. The elegance and inviting theme can be complimented with a similar marble countertop.

Pattern tiles backsplash

Bored with the ordinary patterned tiles? If you are still planning to have ceramic tiles back, let the fixing experts install a different pattern like the diamond to break the monotony. As much as it is the same material, the different pattern will make it look all new.

Call us today to get your kitchen backsplash improved to suit all your kitchen needs.