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Kitchen Islands

Kitchens are a focal point in today’s homes. The open plan model is gaining popularity more and more. We want a more open and airy space and if we are foodies, we want to be able to entertain easier and have the opportunity to be more engaged with our company that may even join us in the kitchen. We cook with our families more and we need space for the kids to roam.

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Kitchen islands come in many shapes and sizes. We could look in the online showroom and design whatever comes to mind. If you are doing a house remodel it is especially important that you make the kitchen in keeping with the rest of the home and the fixtures can be in the more trendy thing.

Kitchen Islands come in different shapes and sizes. Whether your kitchen island countertop is an extra space for food preparation or an area for casual dining, the elegance and materials you choose will play a large part in your overall design.

When you decide on the type of Kitchen Island that you want, pick that phone up, and we will be right at your doorstep. We are a leader in the making and remodeling of kitchen cabinets in the whole county.


Materials for our kitchen island countertops come in a range of surfaces, including marble, stainless steel, and wood. Marble is a superb choice, but it tends to be prone to staining, which can make it a poor option for a surface that will be used as an active cooking area. We give all the pros and cons of every choice and advice on the best choice.

If you are looking for a solid material that can withstand cooking activity, then you may want to consider granite.  On the other hand, a wood butcher's block is the best surface for chopping, slicing and other food preparation activities. Stainless steel would also work well, in this case, acting as an easy-to-clean surface.

Shape, Size, Style, and Color

Deciding on the shape, style, and size of your kitchen island is crucial. It is vital to consider the size of your kitchen in addition to the primary purpose the island will be serving.

While some owners opt for a traditional rectangular island style, others choose a T-shaped or L-shaped island. This helps to create a multi-purpose area. For example, T-shaped islands can be beneficial for prepping food at one end. On the other hand, you can set up guests and family members.

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Be sure also to consider the countertop height and whether or not you want to leave room for certain accessories, like a sink, when choosing your countertop style.

Moreover, when selecting a kitchen island, it is important to consider the color. It should blend with the rest of the kitchen.

When you call us, we usually have a sit-down, and you can go through our portfolio with one of our designers, and in consultation, you will be able to choose the best option that suits your home.

We do not discriminate; we work with all the clients regardless of whether it is a ‘big’ or ‘small’ job. The following are some of the examples that we can be able to come up with;

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How it Works:

Give us a call and we will ask you the initial questions and make an appointment for you to come to the showroom. We can look at online showroom ideas and then provide a free consultation about what we, in our expert opinion, think is a good fit. The only way to do that is when we arrive at your home. Our design specialists can walk the kitchen and the home with you and discuss in real time what needs to be done and what your vision is for your home.  Once we determine with you, what the design will be then a work order and budget will be developed.

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A lot is taken into consideration when designing a kitchen island. There are aesthetic elements you may want and we, as professionals will be able to assess the reality between beauty and function. You don’t want to have a beautiful piece in the middle of the kitchen and not have enough cabinet or work space. The cutting boards and prep can be coupled along with the sink, fridge, backsplash, or even oven elements. If you can dream it, we can achieve it.

Factors To Consider Before Setting Up A Kitchen Island

Designing your kitchen is one of the toughest jobs one can do. With the many kitchen appliances, one can have, finding enough space to fit a good number of them can be a hustle. With the limited space in our kitchens, we end up stuffing all we need in this tiny room and thus making it an accident prone area. With the help of a kitchen island, we can find usable workspace solving the problem of congestion. The following are some of the factors you need to consider before setting up a kitchen island;

Main use of the island

An island can be set up for different purposes in the kitchen. It can be for baking or act as an extra storage space. When setting up your island, focus more on the need and less of appearance. It must be beneficial to you by improving your kitchen working environment.

Not to cause a traffic jam

With most people preferring a central island, if not set up properly can hinder movement around the kitchen.  Consider leaving enough space around the island to allow traffic flow in your kitchen thus enabling you to multitask and work comfortably in your kitchen.


Depending on the space available in your kitchen, you can choose a design that fits comfortably. There are many designs available ranging from the traditional rectangle shape to the oval, T-shaped or L-shaped designs. Whichever design fits in your kitchen perfectly is what you should go for.

Suitable area for the island

Depending on the use of the island, situating it at a more convenient location makes your work easier. An example is an island designed to create more space for preparation and presentation of food after cooking should be placed near the kitchen outlet for ease of moving the food to the dining table.

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