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Kitchen Remodeling

Our company employs the best team of kitchen remodeling experts in this area. If you want to improve the heart of your home, make sure you work with the dependable kitchen specialists around.

It is easy to think that the living room is the most “lived in” space in your house. However, the truth is, it is usually your kitchen!

If you are looking to make changes to this particular area of your home, you will want to work with a company that concentrates in kitchen renovation.

We have helped many people and are willing to help more people, by performing our great kitchen duties.

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Our Team

We know that remodeling your kitchen is not an easy decision to make at times. For this reason, our trained team is more than happy to clarify all of your questions before you make the decision.

We want to make sure you remain comfortable throughout the complete process of your kitchen remodel. We offer a complete, one-stop service for your entire kitchen remodeling project.

Excellence Guaranteed

From your initial consultation to kitchen design and preparation, and throughout the entire remodeling process, you can rest assured that your project will be completed on time, on budget, and to your satisfaction. We are proud to deliver you with some of the finest kitchen services.

Our unmatched services include:

  • Free Consultation
  • Complete Kitchen Design
  • Detailed work description and contract with no hidden aspects
  • Permit Processing
  • Start to Finish Complete Kitchen Remodel

If you would like to set up an initial negotiations to discuss your kitchen remodel, pick up your phone and call us today!

The Kitchen Remodeling Process

The exact process that each project goes through from beginning to end is always different.  When you are dealing with a custom kitchen remodel, no two are exactly alike. However, a general step-by-step guide for your kitchen remodel may look something like this:

1.  Home Design Discussion

In our design deliberation, we discuss your project and get a good understanding of what you are looking for in your kitchen remodel. We take photos, measurements and make design proposals. We are interested in all of your kitchen remodeling ideas.

We will then schedule a time for you to visit our Design Center to review your project and bid details.

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2. Design and Bid Presentation

We begin work on creating your project right away, using our state-of-the-art design software.  When it’s ready, we present the newly designed kitchen space and review all the design details that are incorporated.

At this position, we can give you an exact range of the cost of the project.

3. Pre-Remodel Licenses and Plans

When the contract is signed, we can finish the design and details and begin securing permits by submitting plans and paperwork to the city and county.

We will then schedule a shopping trip with our senior designer subsequently to pick out supplies, fixtures and paint for your fresh kitchen.

4. Demolition – Removal of Existing Kitchen

The demolition step consists of extracting old appliances, cabinets, flooring, countertops and anything else that needs to go. From here, our pros can assess the condition of the floor, ceiling, walls, and decide if corrections need to be made.

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5. Plumbing, Floors, Electrical, and Drywall

If your kitchen needs new light fixtures, plumbing, HVAC, or wire or speaker wires, it would be installed at this point. As soon as that is finished, we can now install flooring, insulation, and drywall.

6. Installation of Cabinets and Countertops

Induction of your countertops and cabinets is next. This step is whereby your new kitchen starts to take the needed appearance. The old cabinets are replaced or if they are still in good shape only minor repairs take place.

This is a notably critical and meticulous step as everything needs to be laser-measured and leveled to ensure it looks perfect.


7. Interior Finishing and Painting

We introduce backsplashes, trim, plumbing fixtures, finish floors (if needed), and finally, we paint. The old paint should be scrubbed off and replaced with the client’s choice of paint.

8. Accessories, Appliances, and Cleanup

In this closing phase, we touch-up finishes, install new apparatuses, lighting fixtures, and clean up all our materials and tools.

9. Enjoy you New Kitchen!

At this instance, your kitchen remodel is finished, and you can begin enjoying it.  Plan a dinner party, cook for the family, or order in to keep it spotless. The possibilities are endless.

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Kitchen Designs: Rehabilitating the most important room in your house

Since your kitchen is one of the busiest and most important rooms in your home, a decent kitchen design is a must have.

It’s a meeting point, an entertainment room, and a location of inspiration for ambitious home cooked meals. That is precisely why your kitchen range should always be comfortable, welcoming and efficiently designed, all while reflecting the individual homeowner’s unique personality.

Kitchen merchandises are continually reengineered, modernized, and redesigned to keep up with the times and the needs of the consumers (for example, the needs of multigenerational or age in place remodels are markedly different).

Our dedicated team has the information on the latest outcomes on the market, and will help you make the right choices to fit your lifestyle.

Over the last couple of decades, the growth of the kitchen has increased, which makes working with the best kitchen remodelers even more important.

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The Kitchen Triangle vs. Work Zones

The kitchen triangle has been one of the essential elements of a well-designed kitchen since 1940.  The triangle includes three points, the refrigerator, the sink and the cooktop.

The assumption of the kitchen triangle holds that it keeps the major workstations in near the chef, while still giving them room to work without interference.

In a perfectly designed triangle:

  • No significant traffic should cross through
  • Each leg of the triangle should be between four and nine feet
  • The entirety of the triangle’s three sides should not be more than 26 feet

However, the triangle isn’t without flaws.  First, it implies that there are only three primary workstations when today’s kitchens often have more.

Second, it assumes that only one person is cooking in the kitchen.  Third, small or enormous spaces often make establishing a perfect kitchen triangle tough.

Consequently, setting up work zones in the kitchen can be the result when a triangle is not. Work zones can include:

  • A two-sink setup: one for food prep and one for cleanup.
  • Multiple refrigerators: a traditional one and one in a kitchen island or bar area
  • Separated cook top and oven
  • Galley style kitchen

Ultimately, no two kitchens are the same and what works for one may not work for another.  Functionality is just as important as aesthetic in the kitchen.

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What to Look for in Kitchen Appliances

For many home cooks, appliances are one of the most important parts of the kitchen. However, there exists a seemingly endless variety of options.  So, what should you be looking for in kitchen appliances?

  1. 1. Energy Efficiency

Save money and reduce your footprint by looking for appliances with the Energy Star rating.

2. Burner Heat Output

Professional or business grade instruments typically have a better range of high and low heat allowing you to get temperatures up fast or maintain a nice even simmer.

  1. 3. Artistic

Depending upon your kitchen design and style choices the look of your appliances will differ.

4. Ease of Usage

Are the buttons, knobs, handles easily identifiable and intuitively located?  Or are you regularly searching for them?

If it takes an engineering degree to operate your stove, you may want to look for a different option.

5. Safety Highlights (this may be number one if you have young children)

If you have toddlers in your home, ensure that your kitchen is baby proofed to avoid causing injuries. Also, it’s important that your kitchen appliances are in good condition to prevent accidents in the house.

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6. Simple Cleanup

Are the appliances easy to clean, do they show fingerprints easily? These may not seem like major questions, but when you are living with and using them every day, an appliance that is easy to clean can make your life a little easier.


Common Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

A full kitchen remodel is a big undertaking and should be treated as such.  Here is a list of typical mistakes people make.

1. Do it yourself

There are many of projects that are perfect for yourself, but unless you are qualified, a kitchen shouldn't be one of them.

A full remake of your kitchen is one of the biggest, most expensive, and complex home projects you can do. A skilled and (this is important) licensed contractor or remodeling firm should always be involved.

2. Picking the Wrong Contractor

Again, a kitchen rebuild is a big, important job don’t settle for an under qualified person to handle it.

Do your due research, check reviews, trust your gut. Don’t necessarily choose someone because their estimate was lower.  It may be much more expensive to have to redo the job if you aren’t happy with the results.

3. Using Cheap Materials

High-quality cabinetry, hardware, and surfaces are expensive – but they are worth it. Cheap hardware can stretch, leaving you with crooked cabinet doors and laminate cabinets can peel easily.

4. Not Being Sure of What You Want

When you approve a design and o.k. work, be sure that you are comfortable and happy with it.  If you aren’t sure, check out our kitchen design style guide.

Changing your mind mid (or worse) or at the end of a project can lead to costly delays or new work orders and put a huge strain on your budget.

Kitchen Remodeling Benefits

We all have dreams of improving our homes in one way or the other. Our homes speak much about the kind of people we are and for this reason, making it more appealing is part of our long-term plans. We have that picture in our mind of what we would love to see in every room of the house. The kitchen is not left out in this plan of improvement. They are many kitchen models available to choose from, and you could also customize it to your test.  The following are some of the benefits accruing from kitchen remodeling:

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Value addition

With kitchen remodeling, you can improve on all aspects of your kitchen thus increasing its total value in the end. This, in turn, adds up to your total home improvement. In cases where you are planning to sell your home, kitchen remodeling can increase value for your house thus giving a better return for the sale.

More spacious kitchen

With the many kitchen models available in the market, you have a range of alternatives to choose from to improve on spacing. Your kitchen will be more fun to work in with the increased space to move around thus enabling multitasking.  With the increased space you are also able to add other equipment that you long dreamt of having in your kitchen without causing any form of congestion. You will also have extra storage space making your work easier.

Moving with the trend

We all wouldn’t want to be left behind with the moving trends in the market when it comes to home modeling. The kitchen is one area that we all wish to match the current designs. Having a modeling company with expertise in their line of work can transform your kitchen into any form you may like. With your kitchen upgrade, you can get that exciting look and more organization. With the many homes being built daily, your kitchen can still be as good looking and appealing as of those homes thanks to remodeling.

Getting your dream home

The kitchen being part of your home, how it appears gives much of a concern. Kitchen remodeling gives you a chance to upgrade your kitchen to your level of satisfaction. You may not be able to have your dream kitchen at the start but can remodel it gradually till you achieve the desired look. Kitchen remodeling companies can improve the kitchen area to whichever way that may suit you.  Therefore you need not worry about how your kitchen looks like now as there is always room for improvement.


Improving on safety

As we all know, the kitchen can be a dangerous place, especially for children. An example has low placed kitchen drawers can give them a chance to access tools that they may injure themselves with or injure others. Kitchen remodeling enables you to rearrange the kitchen setting to the safer kitchen area and thus reduce the worry of accidents occurring.Home improvement Rancho Cucamonga

The kitchen is a focal point of the house. Especially in modern homes, there’s an open plan kitchen in most as well as a floor devoted to the kitchen in the newer townhomes. So, suffice to say that a custom kitchen or just a remodeling is a lot of pressure for most. But we have a process that helps the customer make their choices and decisions in a better way more seamlessly.

Our Process

We offer the best process for your design and installation process. It’s  just a few simple steps that are not only easy but fun. We have top designers that you can speak to with a computer model they can create a wonderful designed kitchen that’s awesome and in budget. We find our customers feel the system make it so much easier to stay in budget we will tell you why. We are able to give you a three dimensional sample of the kitchen you want.

We can do and have done this several times in order to allow the customer to choose between a few designs. The reason it is great for the budget is that we can tell by the mockups what you will need for the design to become a reality. We encourage you to be creative and then compare the idea against the reality that we inspected during the home visit.

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We suggest that even before you come to us, you have an idea of what you want and need. This means sitting with yourself or any other decision maker and really getting ridiculously creative. No holds barred; make your decision based on your imagination. We are so good at what we do that we can guide you to making dream kitchen remodeling come true.

We can have you in your new kitchen in no time. We have the most talented staff of designers and contractors going. We only have employees and we are family owned and operated. We can do just as much as a large chain and deliver it with the best customer care that is one-on-one.

Why Us?


We have over two decades of experience to provide. We have a unique marriage of European and domestic experience with kitchen remodeling.

Our Quality

Every company talks about the quality of their products but we can promise that once you visit the showroom and connect with others on social media, you won’t be disappointed. You’ll know by the look and feel of the products that only the best wood, granite and stone are used to make our kitchen cabinets and countertops.

Even the economical designs are the best quality available for the lowest rates. So, how can we offer this? We have relationships with top distributors all over the world. This enables us to eat the cost of the manufacturer. We are family owned and run and our relationships have been formed and maintained over several generations and we pay it forward to you.

Our Process

We have a unique process that is led almost solely by the customer. We are here to guide the customer and give them the technical knowledge that they need to make what’s in their imagination at reality. We are here to guide the financial position because it’s our speciality. We want you to know the reality of the dream you want.

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Our Showroom

Our showroom is both kitchen remodeling and bath remodeling. We have an extensive domestic and European design showroom to suite every taste. We'll introduce you to the showroom designers that have the specializations that are specific to your particular design needs and desires. They are hand-chosen by us for a reason. They are passionate about what they do an eager to show you everything that they can do.

Our Products

Not only do we have the highest-quality products for custom order and design. But, we also have the widest variety of stock cabinets and countertops that are fully customizable. You have more than enough to choose from. We have never had anyone yet refuse the array of products we have. Why? Because we have so many to choose from.

Our Advertising

If you have come to us, you are part of an elite group of customers that are here through word of mouth. We don’t spend thousands or more on advertising. What we do is a remarkable job and the word will bring the right people to us. This is why we love for you to be able to connect on social media and reach out to the family of satisfied customers.

Our Products and Services

Custom Cabinetry:  One of the most common ways to do a kitchen remodeling job and save money, yet, maintain a positive and dramatic impact is to address the cabinets. There are several way to address the cabinet situation. Cabinets can be purchased new or they can be refaced. When you think of refaced, you won’t have an idea typically of dramatic change.

But, we can tell you that refacing is more than just a sand down and a paint job. Refacing is done by professional machining and facing. This is not going to turn out as if you did the job in your garage. This is done in our workshop and brought back to you or on site with our tools and artisan designers.

Top Design Programs: The top design programs we have are very sophisticated beyond CAD. We have only the top-of-the line 3D programs that allow us to show you how it will look and feel. You can experience your kitchen or bath as if it were placed in your home. Our mission is to bring your dream to life. The more emotional attachment you have to it and when you can practically touch it before it’s done, the more satisfied you will be with the finished product.

Countertop Remodeling Team: We have a very sophisticated cabinet remodeling team on hand that’s as top-flight as our cabinetry team. We make sure that all our designers are up-to-date on the latest and greatest that we can pay forward to our people. We are always sending our designers to trade shows and educational certification both here and abroad.

We make sure that everyone of our designers are at master-level and stay with what specialization they have. There are no outside contractors and no Jack of all trades here with us. You can depend on us 100% to provide the best service that money can buy.

Expert Paint Designers: We have expert paint designers. This means there education in design is also coupled with the knowledge of the color palette at the level of an artist and not just the house painter. When it comes to the kitchen remodeling process there are several choices. You may choose to paint or stain your existing cabinets and we have the artisan designers to do it.

There are more choices than you will ever get in a DIY shop. We also offer painting of the kitchen in several ways. We can paint existing tiles and stain or whiten grout as well as place new more suitable grout into your floor creating a new look and durability. We can strip, remove tiles and paint the walls. We can decal or etch the tiles. This is much more expensive but we are telling you this in order to showcase that there are so many things you can do with any budget with us. We guarantee success and satisfaction.

Steps to Follow

  1. Our website: Learn about our story right here - and the why and how of what we do.
  2. Follow us on Social Media: Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. You’ll be able to see pictures of the before and after results. You’ll also be able to connect with others that have had experience with us. We’re sure you will feel encouraged to come to us for your kitchen remodel.
  3. Come visit us: Make sure that you visit us at the showroom to scope out what the 3d feel of the products we use to do your kitchen remodel. Feel the countertop granite and the cabinets. Experiencing things as they really are and fall in love with the high-quality at the lowest prices we can offer.
  4. Set the home visit appointment: The next step is to set up a home visit to get the measurements for what you have chosen. Then, we can provide a written estimate and start working.
  5. Design Away! We use CAD to design your beautiful dream kitchen. We retain the design until a purchase is made and we contract the work. The price per hour will vary depending on the work done and how custom it is.
  6. Decide on your appliances: We don’t sell appliances, we just place them in the design. But, no worries, we have you covered. We have agreements with the best places for appliances.
  7. This is the review phase: At this point we will sit with you and review the design one final time. You can understand better what you want and if it will unfold the way you want by this time and we have time to make changes and adjust your estimate.
  8. Work Schedule: The work schedule at this point will be made. This is made according to your availability and the schedule we have our installation team on.
  9. Enjoy your kitchen: You are, at this point, able to enjoy your new kitchen.

We are sure you are impressed with the kind of one-on-one intimate and professional service we provide. We are a full-service design studio for your home. This makes us much more than just any kitchen remodeling company down the street. We have had much luck in the way of forging relationships with the right suppliers and hiring passionate people that know how to do a job the right way. So, what’s stopping you?

We see no reason why not to call us for a complimentary consultation and design appointment if you are impressed enough to go forward. If you aren’t ready, your designs remain our property until you are ready to purchase. You can start when ready. We are here to answer any questions as well. You can count on speaking directly to a kitchen remodeling e

Call us today!

Whenever you need your house remodeled, do not hesitate, call us today! We will be at your doorstep with all the resources required in order to make your home a better, beautiful and unique place.