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Beautiful and Exciting Montclair, CA

Located in San Bernardino County, Montclair, CA has diverse cultures and ethnicities making up its population of 38,000+. The city has a rich and captivating history, which evolved into an established and vibrant modern community.

A Short History of Montclair, CA

The Serrano Indians lived in the land that’s now called Montclair. Back then, it was a vast grazing land with a watering hole where animals drank to their fill.

At that time, there were majestic sycamore trees lining the creek that followed the current Mills Avenue. No wonder, Captain Juan Bautista D’Anza called it the “Arroyo de los Alisos”, meaning the stream of the Sycamores, in 1774. Now, the stream bears the more commonly recognizable name, San Antonio Creek.

How It Changed

“The Township of Marquette” was founded in 1897. Mrs. Edward Fraser played a key role in this. Subsequently, land development slowly transformed it from the open grazing land into settlements.

When first officially incorporated on April 25th, 1956, the city only had 8,008 residents within a 4.2 square mile area. Initially, it was called Monte Vista, attributed to a Los Angeles land developer who – in 1990 – used that name for a 1,000-acre land tract in the area.

Inevitably, the city’s name had to be changed since there was another community in California with the same name, Monte Vista. Residents voted for the current name, Montclair.

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Montclair Today

Montclair, CA boasts of having one of the most successful shopping centers within Southern California: Montclair Plaza.

What you may not know is the idea for this shopping center was presented by land developers in 1964 as a solution for the city to gain a greater tax base for financing its services. And in the very first year of operation (1968), 20 percent of the City’s tax revenue came from the shopping center.

Arguably, Montclair is a premier shopping destination, with a variety of shopping centers, like:

  • Ramona Town Center Shopping Center
  • Montclair Village Shopping Center
  • Montclair Village Square Shopping Center
  • Montclair Town Square Shopping Center

The city also has multiple public high schools and elementary/ middle schools, making it a great place to settle as a family with school-going kids. Some of the schools include:

  • Vernon Middle (located at 9775 Vernon Ave.)
  • Monte Vista Elementary (located at 4900 Orchard Ave.)
  • West End Community (located at 5033 Holt Blvd.)

That’s not all. Several private universities/ colleges, state universities and community colleges are located close by, including:

  • DeVry University-California (about 7 miles out, in Pomona, CA)
  • University of La Verne (about 5 miles out, in La Verne, CA)
  • Universal Technical Institute of California Inc (about 7 miles out, in Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
  • Citrus College (about 12 miles out, in Glendora, CA)
  • Mt San Antonio College (about 9 miles out, in Walnut, CA)
  • California State Polytechnic University-Pomona (about 8 miles out, in Pomona, CA)
  • Chaffey College (about 9 miles out, in Rancho Cucamonga, CA)

The characteristic Southern Californian ethnic and cultural diversity is clearly evident in the young and diverse Montclair population.

This city hosts many of the well-known national and international business brands, including well-known restaurants, fitness centers, and other service, retail and manufacturing businesses. Some of these are: McDonald’s, Barnes & Noble, Nike, Nissan, Costco, Domino’s Pizza, Sears, Starbucks, Toys”R”Us, H&M, 24 Hour Fitness and American Eagle Outfitters.

You’re sure to get quite a bit of entertainment from variety of events held in and near the city, apart from having the opportunity to utilize the recreation areas: Community Center, Alma Hofman Park (Shark Park), MacArthur Park, John F Kennedy Park, Golden Girls Softball Field, Moreno Vista Park, Kingsley Park, Sunset Park, Essex Park and Saratoga Park.

Montclair, CA is certainly an all-round city that would cater to all your needs.