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Ontario, California

Ontario is one of the greatest cities in California on the Southern part of San Bernardino country thus forming part of the famous Metropolitan Inland Empire. Slightly smaller than Rancho Cucamonga, it is the home of about an equal population of 160,000 people from different ethnics. Just like the other adjacent major cities in California, it shares similar sentiments of how it came to be. From having the Spanish missionaries discover it to feeling the effect of the Mexican-American War, this city was, therefore a center of attraction for the early settlers whose impact is felt to date. Of importance to note is that the two George Chaffey and William Chaffey named this town Ontario after the big Ontario district in Canada. The two had bought big chunks of land here and started irrigation farming.

Understanding more about Ontario, Ca

The Economy of Ontario over time

This rocky terrain holds soil rich in nutrients for citrus fruits like oranges and lemons. This did not take long for farmers to realize this and they gladly sowed the seeds. Likewise, the vintners and olives farmers were not left behind with their farm treasures. Today, Ontario still enjoys some of these old farmers like Graber Olive House. The town still enjoys fresh dairy farm products which were also introduced at the same time with citrus fruits.

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From the above explanation on the early economic activities, this city stills enjoys most of these activities as part of its economy.  As much as other industrial activities have come and taken part, the city can still be considered as an agricultural hub contributing to the wine production in California. The other part of the economy is the many service and warehousing industries found in Ontario today.

The sports and culture

Sports form part of the culture of a region and perhaps the reason the two must go together. Ontario is the home of soccer and hockey. This is evident at the Citizen Business Bank Arena which hosts most of these matches especially over the weekend for various groups. Ontario Fury and Ontario Reign are some of the popular teams in the city. Other cultural events are quilting and theater performance. Probably, you have heard of the consumer quilt show, and maybe you did not know that Ontario holds the second largest in the United States. But, now you know!

The infrastructure in Ontario

Ontario boasts an international airport- Ontario International Airport which makes it easy for fly in and out of the city. It’s popular to find most of the warehouses here handling freight cargo services for various businesses and industries. On the other hand, the other hand, train, and road transport are also heavily used by the public to access different locations. Some of the greatest highways of California are also found here.

The tourism sector

Whether you are looking for hotels, restaurants, conference centers or a place to enjoy sceneries, then Ontario is the place for you. First of all, the Ontario Mills is a great attraction center where one can shop for all they ever wish to. Being one of the largest, malls in California, you can expect to finds movie hall, theaters, clothing and much more fun for the whole family. With easy transportation courtesy of the airport and state of the art train services, this town host many conference meetings thus boosting the hospitality industry in the area. The Ontario convention center has hosted thousands of delegates from all over the state for various functions. The Graber Olive House is also a cool joint to visit.


Ontario has a lot in common with the great Ontario province of Canada which is widely known for its wine production. Thus California can boast to enjoy this influence and is always grateful to Chaffey brothers and the Grabber Olive House who have contributed to the rich culture of the city.