Room Additions

Our company is family owned and operated. family room claremontEach and every service we provide is one that is done with professionalism and integrity.  We have an impressive team that makes up the company that is not all family but, they are all employees. This means that when you leave a big important job to us like room additions that may entail demolition, you can rest assured that it’s going to be handled by employees that are trained, licensed, bonded and insured. We are proud of the fact that there are people working for us on your home that we invest in with the expectation that they will invest in you.


Reasons to have Room Additions Done

There are so many reasons to have room additions done. A home is but a shell until you make it a home.

  • The first way to do that is to make room additions to really customize the home at a time that you can afford to do it. There are several reasons for doing this that make room additions such a blessing. When you buy a home you hopefully get what you can afford safely without getting hung up on a mortgage for a home that was too much house. Rancho cucamonga attic remodelingSo, when you are ready a room addition becomes a great thing because you can slowly but surely make the house a home and as much home as you would like.
  • The second reason why room additions are done is when the family expands so does the home and you can really get creative with this. Typically it is for a new baby but you can make a convertible room that once the child grows you can use it for so much more.
  • The next reason is home value. Adding more rooms makes the house value rise. You can do this in several ways. The more typical thing to do is to add on an extra bedroom but there are more out of the box ways to do this. Think of it from this angle. You can make a closet a bedroom if it was big enough like a master walk in right? No, we aren’t suggesting that, typically there is not enough air circulation so more work would have to be done. What the point of that example is, any room can be converted into a guest room apart from a kitchen and a bathroom. So, why not make another room that can serve you and your family in more than one way. Why not a den or a game room? See, and with a space for a bed and a accessible bathroom or at least a half bath put in, you can have a value raising addition to your home.

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How to Prepare for your Room Addition

Preparing for a room addition is much the same as for any other project you have to do. There are logical steps for you to take to ensure you are going to be satisfied with the decision.

  1. Talk with all who are involved. That does not just mean whoever else is financing the endeavor but it is whoever else is going to be living with it. That means the structure and with the payments. Yes, when credit cards are involved, at least for contractor supplies and such there are future payments involved. All too many times we see the byproduct of less than acceptable communication. Do yourself and your family a favor and really get all the plans out in the open where they can be discussed and agree upon or a new plan made.
  2. Budget yourself well. According to the experts in the industry, may we suggest budgeting between two to six hundred dollars per square foot. Here is the real point–when you build small, it costs more per square foot than if you were to build larger. The wealthy know this, that’s why they’re wealthy.
  3. Learn the tricks in the real estate arena. Home construction loans are given by some lenders based on what the future value will be after construction. Refinancing the home is the way to go for this.Rancho Cucamonga Remodeling Services
  4. Make sure that if you go this route of room addition that you check with your homeowners insurance first. It is very likely to rise as well. Most importantly, if you aren’t covering the addition before it’s done, you are likely to be 100% responsible for damage or destruction to the new addition.
  5. The Homeowners Association, if you have one is very much involved in the decision for what you do to your own home. You gotta love it but they do like a fine and a hefty amount at that. You can be fined nearly any amount depending where you live and how high-end the community is that you live in. We have seen $750 to a grand being tallied against a homeowner even after the county approved the build. So, that was able to go through but they were able to fine that family anyway. We hear it all. We are involved with our customers and we want to know all that could be a hassle for that person or family due to the room addition or anything else we do.
  6. Keep within the home decor and style. If you have a Colonial, modern won’t do. You need to really look at what would be the best way to fit the new room addition into what the rest of the home looks like.
  7. Make sure it is seamless. In other words, make sure you don’t have a fresh looking spotless room that has just been stuck to an old home that looks its age. We can make this happen. There are ways to make sure the new build looks like it came with the house.

Remember that in working with us, you are getting a home building firm. This means we are in charge of the supervision from start to finish. No outside contractors and that means full responsibility as well as full communication and total satisfaction. Know that we are with you every step of the way. Our process is a simple one. Call us first and talk to one of our specialists in the room addition and renovation department. We are all people who work on the job. We do not hire anyone that has not been in the field doing what you ask us to do. They will ask some important questions depending on the job. Mostly about what you envision, how large or small the job is and what the budget may be. Call now!