San Bernardino, CA

San Bernardino has a bright history coupled by a checkered past. We guess you could say the same about any city in the nation or on the planet. But, should you visit there, doing some historical research would be suggested to get you into the San Bernardino Ca state of mind. So, what would that look like? The vibe begins with the geographical location. It’s nestled between a lush landscape full of life and on the western end, it borders Arizona and Nevada. It boasts a landmass that is the largest in the country. It basically takes up California nearly border to border and impinges on other states and through the MoJave Desert region.  This makes for some lively picturesque scenery that is going to be quite diverse in nature and great memories to share.

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For the Nature Lover:

If you love nature in a variety of landscapes, you’ll love the scenery that San Bernardino, Ca has to offer. It boasts 9,200 acres of beautifully landscaped national parks. There are so many ways to enjoy them, from picnic sites to primitive and cabin camping as well as RV stations peppered throughout. You could conceivably travel all of them for a taste of several regions of completely different terrain.

For the Carnival and Fair Lover:

San Bernardino, Ca is one of the largest fair and carnival communities in the country. They have two famous events every year, one being the Orange Show which has petting zoo, rides and midway games. The other is the state fair in May, yes it’s the state fair and it is big! It has what the Orange show has and much more. Shows, BMX stunt shows, horse races, all sorts of commercial vendors and so much more. One thing about San Bernardino is there is never too little to do. It’s family friendly and lots of fun.

Think about it, how many cities can you say that whether you are a city dweller or a country dweller at heart, you can be satisfied in the region? Not many. San Bernardino can also be a space to relocate to. It’s got tons of diverse towns to suite your needs.

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Museums and Entertainment Venues

San Bernardino, Ca is full of culture and art of all types. California State has one of their largest campuses there with Robert Frances Fullerton Museum. You can literally spend the day there and soak in art and culture in every pore. The art is multimedia, ranging from canvass to Asian, African and Mediterranean sculpted and ceramic art.

The California Theater of Performing Arts is a space to enjoy the sights and sounds of performances that span out from just your ordinary town theater. There are many off Broadway big budget shows that find their way here too. The theater boasts a 1700 seat capacity and is the home to a few special treats such as a Wurlitzer Organ.

San Bernardino, Ca is a special place for local residents and travelers alike. It will be a once in a lifetime experience for all who pass through and a learning, life-enriching memory for those who wish to stay.