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Facts About Upland, California You, Should Know

Being part of the Inland Empire, Upland rests on the higher part of San Gabriel Mountains. This small city is the home of over 80,000 American citizens and visitors. In early twentieth century, the city changed its name from North Ontario to Upland. This name still refers it to date. At the beginning of days, this small city was established as an agricultural town which grew the citrus fruits and grapes for wine. The terrains of this city are flat with the northern side towards the mountain rising gradually. According to reports, about 99 percent of the people live in households while the rest live in institutions like hospitals or elderly homes. Below, we are going to discuss various facts about this town

Various facts about Upland City California

The City was a Spanish colony

The Spanish missionaries and Indians alike found their way to California in the 1770s. One famous Spanish explorer Juan Bautista de Anza cracked a route that led to this city through the San Bernardino Valley. Later this became a known route and more Spanish trickled in. Most others found their way here as they stopped en route to California from Arizona. As more Spanish settlers arrived, they took charge of everything taking advantages of their large number. The few natives had nothing much to do.

How Upland it became an agricultural city

Well, with the Mexican – American war over in 1946, people migrated to this region in large numbers as it was mostly uninhabited safe by the Spanish and a few natives. One Canadian shipbuilder who holds an important part this region’s history arrived from Ontario and started and irrigation state here in 1881. The Etiwanda irrigation community started by George Chaffey, acquired more land thus expanding the territories of the region. They also acquired relevant rights to use the water for irrigation from the governing authorities. Thus this city became heavily engaged in agriculture.

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The current governance

Today, Upland is part of the big California, and according to their state legislature, it is part of the 25th Senate district.  Besides, the Northern and southern parts of the town fall in two different congressional districts according to the United States of Americas House of Representatives.

The public amenities

The town is rich in public amenities like schools, hospitals, sports facilities and roads just to mention but a few. The main high schools in the area are Chaffey high school and Upland High school. Both the schools together with other institutions like Upland tennis club, Montierra apartments and Canyon Club Apartments among others usually have various tennis tournaments in any the city’s public fields. Tennis being a favorite physical activity here is played by many people who are affiliated with many tennis clubs. Other public amenities include the taxis, train and the famous public storage facility in Euclid Ave, Upland.

Housing needs

Today, there are various operational real estate firms in Upland. The housing needs in this city are ripe as most people are either trying to own a home or invest on the same. According to the real estate experts report in the city, most people here live in the household rather than rented apartments. However, as more people move into the city for employment or resettling, the demand for housing is increasing every day. The construction repair works are also in demand as most houses are old and in need of repair.


Upland being part of the Inland Empire metropolitan area is also carries a broad diversity of people and activities. Tourists may not have so many physical features, but the city is known for several exciting indoor activities and eateries.