Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Bathroom Trends

Why do you want to remodel the bathroom?

Is it to improve the functionality of your current bathroom? To modernize the style and color? Who is this bathroom for female, male, adult or kid? Ask yourself if the bathroom design style should be classic or up-to-date, mid-century modern or Bohemian chic. How will it conform with the rest of the house based on the method you choose?

The current bathroom trends should be put into consideration unless you plan to live in that home for 40 years. However, not everyone agrees with the current trends, and therefore, you will have to balance your personal taste as well.

Improving your hardware is an effortless way to add visual interest and style to any home. Nonetheless, if you prefer standard hardware and don’t plan on selling anytime soon, just know that you have to live with the update. Don’t add something if you are going to be unhappy using it. Although it could bring in more money down the line, the upgrade is simply not worth it.

Personal Taste

Some clients love pedestal sinks. Others still like the feel of carpet near the sink. We cannot change our personal taste, and as such, it must be considered throughout any bathroom remodeling project. So, don not be scared to throw in a personal touch or two. If you want the green accent wall, go for it. Just remember, you may have to paint over it the day it comes time to sell.

Flooring Remodel

One of the most common parts of a bathroom remodel is getting rid of the old flooring and installing new flooring. The main factor is the cost of this project will be the flooring itself. This can be highly pricey. The most expensive materials are typically natural stone tiles and upscale porcelain tiles. The cheapest options might be laminate, vinyl or budget ceramic tiles.

Bathtub Remodel

Setting up a new bathtub is one of the most challenging and costly plans involved in a bathroom remodel. Not only will you have to buy the tub itself, but you will also need to remodel the surrounding area and have a plumber come by for the installation. If you are just replacing the tub, and the surround can stay, your price will be lower than average. If you’re having a customized surround built, expect to pay a slightly higher value.

Shower Remodel

If you were stripping down your entire bathroom, experts say showers should account for one-third of the total remodeling cost. Additionally, unlike your bathroom flooring, there are a few elements in play when considering a shower remodel. After all, you have to decide on a shower head, shower door, and shower stall.

Sink Remodel

It is practically hard to find a feature in your home that you use more than your bathroom sink. We wash our hands, brush our teeth, put on makeup and check out our hair all while using the same bathroom sink. Nevertheless, your sink remodeling cost will considerably depend on the sink style, brand, and material. According to our cost estimator, the normal price charged to remodel a new sink is $509.

Toilet Remodel

Buying a new toilet might not be exciting, but it is necessary during many bathrooms remodels. The major expense here, as you might guess, will be the price of the toilet itself. Ordinarily, the cost of a new toilet, as well as remodeling, comes in between $360 and $492.

Counters Remodel

It is nearly impossible to tell what the cost of new countertops will be until the particular material is chosen and the size of the countertops is clearly stated.

Bath Fan Remodel

If you want a minor addition that can uplift your bathroom in a big way, contemplate buying and installing a bath fan. This will reduce humidity in the room, eliminate odors and remove moisture from the air.

Here are some remodels that might help you define how to remodel your bathroom:

Modern Bathrooms

Every day something new is discovered. Find a current set up and remodel that old bathroom into something fresh and new. There are some new styles that you can pick from.

Small Bathroom Remodel

For most homeowners, the average cost for a bathroom remodel is approximately $9,800 to $13,000. You can decide to remodel that small bathroom at a lower and affordable price.

Traditional Bathroom Remodel

Tired of the common bathroom set up, you can pick from some models and set up a traditional bathroom that is classy and yet elegant.

Eclectic Bathroom Remodel

An eclectic bathroom is also another unique way to set up your bathroom.

Bathrooms are as daunting as the kitchen. You get fooled a bit into believing that a bathroom is easier than a kitchen because there are less components for you to deal with.

This is a fallacy and we will tell you why. The bathroom in most cases, not all, are markedly smaller than the kitchen but, there are electrical and plumbing issues to deal with depending on the remodeling that you want to do. Just as we advised in our kitchen remodeling post, we are going to advise you here.

There is a budget and a function to be decided upon first. There is also a natural order and here is what that looks like: first, look at the functionality of the bathroom. Now, this may sound quite odd when you think about just how many different ways you could possibly use a bathroom.

Here, we are not asking you to consider functionality of the bathroom just as you would the kitchen so bare with us here a moment. The bathroom, is a space that may be shared by more than one individual several times a day.

It’s helpful to know what those logistics are first. Here is a practical example: you have several children, some of school age and one or two of working age in the house.

The smaller ones who still need assistance will probably use your master bath just for efficiency’s sake. The others will lovingly crowd up the second bath and you or you and a partner or spouse will use one or the other. In this case, where there are 3-4 persons or more in a home, storage must be taken into consideration.

Brushes, toiletries, adult and teenage beauty tools will have to be stored. What about bath toys etc? This means the first thing to do is measure all bathrooms and then hunt for appropriate and child safe storage. This would determine what type of remodel you have. Now that you have that in mind, we will head on into some viable tips.

Tip One: If you want an impactful design once you’ve figured out the practical stuff you can still do it. Yes, the storage aspect may run you up to more than 40% of your bathroom remodeling budget if you have a lot of people in the house, but, that does not mean you can not go big.

Whether the bathroom is large or small, you can choose muted colors for the walls and then find a big piece that is fancy and has a statement. You could get a big beautiful faux antique vanity to place over your sink or to replace an old and dull cabinet. Maybe find an actual mirror at an antique shop to hang over it to give it a vintage feel.

Tip Two: Make your new storage part of the overall design and theme of the bathroom. Make that cabinet below the sink more chic with a curtain fixed over it in a beautiful muted or striking fabric or print. You can add a privacy screen to a larger bath to give it a more comforting look and it will again, hide the storage.

Tip Three: Be bold with the colors. Don’t be shy, be out there. Against muted tones that you would use to make a small bathroom look larger, get a accent wall or door going in say, a lime green for example. Go for the gold this time.

Tip Four: Glass is the best illusion creator you can find. Use it on the walls, on the shower and on the door, use it wherever you need the illusion of the room being large. Then, use the next tip.

Tip Five: Use white. White with silver or brass accents can turn a space as small as a closet into a larger looking space that is functional and warm or functional and sexy or classy. Whatever you can dream up we can help you turn into reality.

Tip Six: Use that vanity to the max. For quite some time now actual furniture vanities have been used to create impact and style as well as serve for a great storage unit. It could even be your old refinished bedroom vanity.  Heavy wood furniture has as much place in a bathroom as any other piece of furniture.

If you want a brighter more clean look that really works with a bathroom with a window that lets natural lighting in then work with light or blond wood. You can buy cheap unfinished wood and finish it blond with stain or even leave it raw and lacquered clear. If you use white and distress it, you’ll have a more nautical feel.

Tip Seven: If you have more money to spend you can go with smaller scaled fixtures. This means making some holes in the wall and some plumbing adjustments and place your sink taps in the wall above the sinks.

Allow your sink to be a stand alone sink with pedestal and no cabinets. Use tile from top or mid wall to ground and continue to floor. You can use small solid neutral colored rectangular tile or very oversized tile.

Tip Eight: It’s also popular to design your bathroom as your livingroom would be by using delicate wood paneling on the walls from the bottom molding to the middle of the wall just above the toilet and sink by about a foot. Then simply remove old fixtures and add some old-world charm in gold.

Tip Nine: Floating storage is a great idea for an ultra modern look. Take a cabinet vanity of your choice and literally float it leaving storage underneath and around both sides of it. You would do this by attaching it with bolts to the wall two to three feet above the floor.

Tip Ten: Add some spa style extras. Focus on maybe a tub and jets. What’s important to you?

Planning guide to bathroom remodeling

With the emerging trends in home décor and refurbishment, you need not settle for less when you can customize your home to a unique flair. This does not exclude your most personal room which is the bathroom. Bathroom remodeling comes in many forms from simple changes to a total overhaul of the bathroom. You may have no idea of where to start from and what you may need for this dream to come true. The following are some of the factors to consider before settling for the remodeling;


You can explore the different bathroom designs available and come up with a design that will best suit your lifestyle and test. Make a decision on factors like color, faucets, tubs or vanities to be installed. Coming up with the final design can be quite overwhelming therefore initial research is paramount. Start by bringing together different elements that may be appealing to you and a final design will be set.


Understanding the expected cost of the remodel is very crucial. Factors like the size of your bathroom, labor cost to be incurred or quality of materials you wish to use in the remodel will largely contribute to the overall cost of the remodel. This will come in a long way in drawing up the budget. You can also determine the total amount you are willing to spend in the entire process less the labor cost. The reminder is what will determine the kind of materials to use and the extent of the renovation.

Expected time to completion

Depending on the extent of the renovation, time may vary and not necessarily depend on the bathroom size. Total reconstruction of the bathroom may mean not using the bathroom for a longer time compared to minimal refurbishments. You got to plan in advance on another alternative bathroom to use in the meantime or remodel one bathroom in the home at a time. By understanding the time to completion, you will also need to know the sequence of the process to ensure all materials required by the contractor are available on time.


Consider hiring a contractor when it comes to bathroom renovation. This will save you from expensive errors that might cost you a lot in the future. Finding the best contractor for the job can be quite a hustle with the many swindlers existing in the market. Do your research carefully and go for well-established companies with expertise in the line of duty. You can pay them a visit and request to view some of their work and make a better judgment on their services.

Size of the bathroom

Another major factor to consider when planning for the renovation is available space for any additional elements or expansion of existing elements. With the help of your contractor measurements can be taken and they can advise you on the size of utilities you can purchase for the remodeling e.g. size of the bathtub to install. You also need to ensure the remodeling does not lead to congestion in the bathroom.