Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

When we think about kitchen remodeling we tend to think first of ripping out the cabinets and redoing the countertops. You may even consider purchasing new appliances to change the entire look of the kitchen.

This can be an overwhelming process but we promise you, that after reading kitchen remodeling ideas, you will get the mind and creative juices flowing all at once and it will become less of a chore and more of a joy.

There are ideas for every style and we have some suggestions for you here, from the practical to the not so practical at all.

  1. Tip One: The first thing to do once you decide to remodel but prior to working is to think about space and functionality. What types of things do you use your kitchen for? Are you or anyone else in the home the cook? To avoid impending disappointment, we strongly suggest that the remodel is worked around the functionality of the kitchen. Unless you eat out daily, and it’s purely ornamental.
  2. Tip Two: Low budget? Make a statement remodel. You can actually make a statement in the kitchen with a makeover of your large appliances like the stove or the fridge. You can do this by choosing extreme colors like red or maybe black and brass.
  3. Tip Three: Cabinets are a great and much cheaper way of updating or totally changing the look of a kitchen. You can do this in one of two ways. One, you can really go all the way and choose an entire set of new cabinets and totally rip out the old ones. They are available in all shapes, sizes and material and best of all they come in all price points.

But, what about those counter tops? They have to match the cabinets right? That means more expense, or does it ? Go to a remnant yard and choose a countertop material first. Then, you can come back with the pieces and look at the cabinets after the fact.

You can decide then what the cost will be to actually rip them out and replace and if it teeters your budget on the edge of disaster, then guess what? You can get your cabinets refinished or painted. Heck, you can even just replace the doors, hinges and knobs and make it all new again.

Tip Four: What about a Moroccan Backsplash? That’s a blue and white with slight floral color and delicious patterns. This will make any kitchen completely redone even if you never touch another piece of furniture or fixtures.

Tip Five: What about a dropped floor? This is as simple as adding three steps to the entrance of the kitchen after raising it a bit. This, does not have to be hard. It can cost a fraction of doing the accessories but the kitchen space will be new and throw in a polished and glossy wooden floor and there you go!

Tip Six: Add a new spin on an old idea. Modern kitchen makeovers used to be popular in butcher block and blue in the 80’s and it lasted well into the 2000’s. But now that beachy airy look is in cobalt or electric blue and white. It’s very trendy but it’s a trend that is not so crazy that it will blow in and then out again. This is becoming a new traditional setting for a kitchen, especially in homes that are in warmer climates.

Tip Seven: The world seems to have a kitchen island but what about getting really earthy and doing it in Shaker style. Very old American/ English with an eat in table in a rustic but charming design.

Tip Eight: One less expensive thing you can do and that is done quite a lot is to use industrial lighting. Yes, just what you think; the same lighting you use in a warehouse. Of course, you can go all the way with that and really leave it industrial looking or you could go with silver, gold or brass lighting.

Lighting does a heck of a lot for a place. Changes in the lighting can actually change the look and even the color of a room. There are a lot of effects you can use now. In fact, it’s a trend to use pendulum lighting and some small track lights. You can pretty much use a light, much like a scoop light to highlight that accent or statement piece you have going. There are many things you can do with lighting. Highlights are the most inexpensive way to do to show off something that takes the attention from everything else in the kitchen.

Tip Nine: Breakfast bars are a fabulous thing. They can create charm and character while making space in the kitchen making it look much bigger than it is. This makes the room more functional and does give it a remodeled feel without having to rip everything out. Gutting costs money and many feel that they have to do this on a large scale in order for it to feel like a remodel, but this is far from the truth.

Tip Ten: How about a few shades of gray? No, not 50, that’s just overkill. If you allow the base of your colors to be a dark neutral, you will have given yourself a clean slate to work with. From then forward you could actually use any color. Maybe red strikes your fancy or black and white with gray or even lavender.

There are so many ways to go with this that it’s a shame you have to choose. Colored lights and studio gels that are made for design and actually save energy unlike their parents that were made for the stage are available.

What if the current kitchen layout does not work out for you anymore? Maybe you want more space because you love to bake cakes and want a place to roll and cut out all those cookies that you love. Or maybe you have always wanted new shelves.

The following are some of the kitchen remodeling ideas that we have;

1.    A total rework of the space.

Each and everything, this including, the kitchen sink, may need to be moved. This means new plumbing, electrical, air ducts and so on.

2.    Professional-style appliances.

From the 48-inch built-in stainless steel refrigerator to the 48-inch cooktop with grille and griddle to the 30-inch double convection ovens, this kitchen is all about creating incredible meals.

3.    Custom island.

And if you need an island, why not make it like some huge piece of furniture with legs and bead-board? It’s a perfect place for the kids to sit and do homework while the evening meal is being made.

4.    Custom cabinetry.

Beaded, inset doors of clear alder with a custom stain and glaze in nonstandard sizes with all the accessories make for a beautiful and functional kitchen at a cost.

Forget about using big-box knobs and handles. Take the time to find the pieces that are special. After all, you will be using these things constantly.

6.    Wood flooring.

Wood or porcelain tile or a stone floor will be more costly than a vinyl tile or sheet.

7.    Stone counters and a glass tile backsplash.

A quartz or natural stone material such as granite will certainly be more costly than a laminate top. For some, the look and feel of these materials is worth the extra cost. And while laminate may start to look used and nicked up in a few years, stone will be fresh and new looking for years, even decades, after first being remodeled.

With custom cabinets, you don’t have to settle for what’s stocked. So if you want a cabinet designed to handle small appliances with drop-down doors that become extra counter space, custom is the only way to go.

Factors to consider when remodeling your kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. This is one place where the family gets to meet and spend most of their time unwinding after a long day. It is always our wish to improve in this room and make it more conducive for working and more relaxing to the family. We have many ideas of refreshing our kitchens and bringing a warm and beautiful atmosphere but have no idea how to go about it. Considering the following factors when planning to remodel your kitchen will come in handy:


The theme of your kitchen may be inspired by different things including culture. If you consider a color based theme like green, you may have to decide the extent to which the theme will be integrated into the kitchen design. Some people may decide to go culture wise and chose a theme that best brings out the culture of their choice e.g. by including artwork or antiques. The theme can also be used to reflect on the kind of lifestyle of the homeowners.


You may want to do an appliance upgrade or hardware upgrade but will be limited by space available in your kitchen. First, consider the available space before you can decide on what appliances you may buy and any other renovations to make. You could also go for smaller appliances to ensure they fit perfectly in the kitchen. Another option is by getting rid of appliances that are not in use anymore to create space for new ones. With that, you can remodel without causing any form of congestion in the kitchen.


With a given budget, you can determine the extent to which you can remodel your kitchen. You can either start by identifying the renovations or replacements you wish to make, then researching on their best costs available and come up with a budget. Another way is by determining the extent you are willing to spend and decide what remodel to do giving priority to some. This will ensure you are well prepared for the process pocket wise and you will avoid impulse spending.


The desire to remodel your kitchen may be driven by the will to improve its working environment. This can be achieved by improving its functionality. Areas that attain this include; improving on lighting, installation of cold rooms, and an addition of storage space among others. Depending on what you want to improve on, you can easily know the kind of remodeling to undertake.

Extent of the remodel

The scale of remodeling your kitchen can either be small renovations or total replacement of the old kitchen. You can decide on either of them depending on how far you are willing to go. Small renovations entail utilizing whatever is available from the existing kitchen improving on them or making small replacements and maintaining a bigger part of the old kitchen. You can also decide to rebuild the kitchen by replacing all existing appliances and hardware in your old kitchen.


With the above factors in mind, you are now able to confidently plan for your kitchen remodel and be able to give it a warm and aesthetic touch you have long desired.